Service and Repair

Very few anglers have had the good fortune to make it through their fly fishing lives without breaking or damaging a rod. Mishaps do occur. But whether your Winston is covered under our warranty or not, we’re dedicated to getting it repaired and back in your hands.

IF YOUR ROD IS COVERED UNDER WARRANTY (refer to Warranty for confirmation), please complete the Warranty Service Form and return it to Winston with your rod and the $50.00 administrative fee.

IF YOUR ROD IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY, please complete the Non-Warranty Service Form and return it to Winston with your rod and the $150.00 standard repair fee.

Place the rod, including any broken sections, in its rod sock and tube and then carefully package for shipping. Please insure the package, as we will be unable to assist with any damage claims or loss with the shipping company. Your rod will be returned to you within 3 weeks of receipt. If there is a delay with processing your rod, we will contact you.

If you have any questions about your rod or this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at


R.L Winston Rod Company


R.L. Winston Rod Company
Repair Department
500 South Main Street
PO Box 411
Twin Bridges, MT 59754

*Note: There may be an additional charge for international shipments.