Boron III TH

The Boron III TH series was designed with input from some of the finest spey casters in the world and successfully builds on Winston’s two-handed tradition of handcrafting perfectly balanced, responsive, high-performance rods. Built with advanced Boron III technology, this series is more powerful, more responsive, smoother casting and has faster recovery than the incredibly popular Boron IIx two-handed series it replaces. This rod is also lightweight and allows an angler to present a fly with incredible accuracy and cast long distances, with ease. The Boron III TH is the ideal selection for any style of two-handed angling and can easily transition between Touch-and-Go, Underhand and Sustained Anchor techniques. No matter if you’re fishing Traditional Spey, Skagit, Scandi or Switch lines, this series will meet the challenge. Offering extraordinary power, responsiveness and accuracy, the Boron III TH is perfectly balanced to enhance line delivery and minimize fatigue. This series has unquestionably set a new standard in the world of two-handed rods.

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Rod Highlights
  • Ideal selection for any style of two-handed angling
  • Built with advanced Boron III technology, resulting in a fast action rod that is extremely lightweight, powerful, lively and capable of generating incredible line speed
  • More powerful, more responsive, smoother casting and has faster recovery than the incredibly popular Boron IIx two-handed series it replaces
  • Strong and dependable
  • Proprietary design that promotes effortless long casts, accurate presentations and reserved power for big flies and windy days
  • Unmatched lifting power and fish fighting capabilities
  • Well-balanced to enhance line delivery and limit casting fatigue
  • Winston designed grip to support infinite hand placement with any casting style
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana USA

Rod Features
  • Action: Fast
  • Grip: Two-handed
  • Sections: 4-piece
  • Color: Winston green
  • Guides: TiCH finished stripper guide with nanoplasma ring casting, chrome snake guides
  • Reel Seat(s): Anodized aluminum, down locking
  • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with logo tech rod sock
  • Rod Weights: 6wt.-9wt.

Rod Specifications
Line Reccomendations
LineLengthWeight (oz.)GripRod Price / Blank PriceSkagit LineScandi LineMid Belly Line
6wt. 11' 4 7/8 TWO-HANDED $830 / $415 420 - 450 330 - 390 N/A
6wt. 11'6" 5 1/8 TWO-HANDED $830 / $415 480 - 510 360 - 420 N/A
6wt. 12'6" 5 7/8 TWO-HANDED $880 / $440 450 - 510 360 - 420 6/7
7wt. 12'9" 7 3/4 TWO-HANDED $880 / $440 510 - 570 420 - 480 7/8
7wt. 13'3" 6 3/4 TWO-HANDED $880 / $440 510 - 570 420 - 480 7/8
8wt. 13'6" 7 3/4 TWO-HANDED $880 / $440 570 - 630 480 - 540 7/8
8wt. 14' 8 TWO-HANDED $900 / $450 570 - 630 480 - 540 8/9
9wt. 15' 9 TWO-HANDED $940 / $470 630 - 720 540 - 600 9/10

▪Skagit and Scandi recommendations are based on Grain Weights. Mid Belly Line recommendations are based on Line Weights.

▪Grain Weight and Line Weight designations should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s line specifications, as well as each angler's casting style.

Fly Rod Reviews
11'6" 6wt

"Ontario has had an absolutely ridiculous 2013/2014 winter. January, February, & March temps have been the coldest on average in over 35 years. That, combined with an unprecedented amount of snowfall in the area has really put a damper on any winter steelheading opportunities, and caused some serious cases of cabin fever. We have all been staring out our frosted windows at home for months, waiting for any glimmer of hope that spring is actually going to come. When my new BIII TH came in the mail the other day, all of the sudden temps and ice didn’t matter anymore, and me and a couple of buddies immediately made plans to go find some moving water. Right out of the tube, I knew that this stick was going to take my two handed fishing to a new level of fun. And it did. The 11’6” BIII TH is an absolute powerhouse of a rod. Teamed up with a Rio 6/7 switch line, I was able to handle and manage the heaviest of nymph setups with ease. This rod turned over some seriously weighted tandem nymph rigs at any distance I wanted, while still maintaining the unparalleled sensitivity and “troutiness” that Winston rods are renowned for.

The craftsmanship and performance of the 6116-4 BIII TH is second to none, and is an absolute pleasure to fish. If you are looking to combine swinging and nymphing with authority and ease into one single rod, you won’t go wrong here!"

Nick Groves: Ontario, Canada, Winston Pro Staff

12'9" 7wt

"I have long been a fan of Winston rods both single and two handed. When the B2x and B2Mx two hand rods came out, I didn't imagine that anyone could produce a finer rod than these and then the BIIITH came out...HOLY CRAP! Every single thing about these new rods and in particular the 12'9" 7wt. are a step above what I already considered to be as good as they could get, can't get enough of them.

I love the diameter of the grip, I feel as though smaller grips allow for a better connection to the rod and with these super smooth casting tips and mid sections, you want to feel how this stick casts, it is that nice. While capable of being quite supple it also can be a work-horse rod, powering out big heads, heavy tips and weighted flies without problem. Length on this rod is also fabulous, just long enough to provide the benefits of the long rod for line management purposes but short and light enough to not fatigue your arm while holding it up to control the swing. For me, I really look for rods both for myself and my clients that enable them to use less energy to get more from the rod. Winston has always been the master of building their sticks to accomplish just this and without question this new mid-sized two hander embodies everything Winston has ever intended for their fly rods to be and more. It would be foolish not to consider this rod if you are in the market, there simply is not a stick on the market that allows such versatility and maintains the effortless feel at any distance."

Dave McCoy: Emerald Water Anglers, Winston Pro Staff

13'3" 7wt

“Over the last few years I have cast a multitude of different two handed rods and have always come back to my trusty green sticks. When I held the new 7133 I immediately noticed the handle shape. I have always liked the smaller and streamlined cork that Winston uses. It just feels comfortable and ergonomic in the palm and makes clutching a 13’3’’ rod much nicer during that 7th hour casting and waiting for the tug. The overall weight and notably the distribution of that weight in the 7133 is interesting. It feels substantial in the bottom section, which I really noticed helped keep my stroke compact and consistent. The rod tracks well during the cast and allows the bottom hand to freely find leverage on the forward stroke.

I have a fair amount of experience with the cult favorite 7133 BIIX and was worried that the BIIITH wouldn’t hold its own next to its older sibling. I loved the BIIX for its versatility to seamlessly switch from shooting-head lines to mid-bellies and longer traditional lines. The BIIITH follows along with a modern feel of power and punch. The BIIITH is substantially faster than its predecessor, which has added length to my casts as well as accuracy.

The rod fights fish well. I wish it had a slightly slower mid-section and tip for those tender and subtle eats and hook sets, but once the fish is connected the rod stays in line and moves with the fishes fight. The stout butt section of the BIIITH helps when landing fish in fast current, battling through crosswinds and putting the wood to bulldogging chromers.

Everyone knows Winston has always made great fly rods. In my opinion there are very few companies making single handed and two handed rods like they used too. The movement towards super fast rods had me worried that my favorite rod companies would soon follow suit. Winston has struck a great compromise with the BIIITH. The rods are not only modern and powerful, but they maintain the feel, flex and soul that green sticks have always been famous for."

Asher Koles: Bloodknots Fly Fishing, Winston Pro Staff

14' 8wt

“During a recent visit to Phoenix, I had a chance to cast the new Winston BIII TH 14’ 8 wt rod. Most of the casting I did with the 14’ 8 wt rod was with the Ballistic Vector 9/10 line, 60’ head and 650 grains. Based on my indoor casting in Anchorage, I felt that the 650 grain line loaded the rod easily and I was not disappointed on the water. The rod has considerably more power than the previous BII 14’ 8/9 rod. While I considered the BII 14’ 8/9 to be a true 8 wt rod, the BIII 14’ 8 wt feels to me like a heavy 8 wt or even a 9 wt rod. Lined up with the 650 grain vector line, the rod was responsive in making both short, medium, long and very long casts. The BIII feel quite a bit faster than the BII rod and timing of the casting stroke appears to be a little more critical in the BIII. I found good results in casting the rod with an aggressive stroke and a quick stop and with a more relaxed longer stroke and less quick stop. This shows good promise for a versatile casting rod for the main stream market. I had several of the other instructor cast the rod with good casting results and many positive comments. I was most impressed with the ease of making very long casts with this rod. 100’ spey casts seem like a chip shot and the rod made spey casts to 130’ without any struggles.

I also cast the rod lined with the Scientific Anglers Spey Distance 7/8 line, 68’ head and 670 grains. The rod casts this line as well as the vector line and had no trouble dealing with the additional length of the head. I would like to cast the rod with the Spey Distance 8/9, 70’ 730 grain line and believe this line may be a better match for long line casting with this rod.

In summary, the new BIII TH rods are light in hand, powerful and responsive with a wide grain window. The rod has good quality components and high quality cork handles. The down locking reel seat balance the rod nicely with modern and traditional reels. A joy to hold and cast during a long day on the river.”

Mark Huber: Winston Pro Staff