Himalayan Mahseer
A journey in search of the mythical Himalayan Mahseer.
Sound of the Tundra
Huge caddis eating trout on Russia's arctic tundra.
The River Time Forgot
An epic once-in-a-lifetime exploratory trip down 140 miles of never before float fished water in Northern Mongolia with Mikey Weir, Jeff Currier, Peter Mullet and Brent Dawson.
Montana Madness
Fly fishing Big Springs Creek and the Missouri River in October, 2010.
Patagonia Argentina
Fly fishing the lakes of Patagonia, Argentina.
Cool Fishing
Fly fishing in Southern Greenland.
Lower 48
In late 2009, we discovered the Winston Fly Rods Fly Fishing Movies Channel. It was full of great fly fishing films about fly fishing all over the world. We decided that it was time to showcase what we have, right here, in the lower 48. This is our response.
Guides Day Off!
10 minutes of non-stop flats fishing action "Keys Style".
Two Ninjas Fishing
Fly fishing for giant herrings (ladyfish) in an irrigation retention pond in Bedong, Sungai Petani, Malaysia.
Andros 2010
Fly fishing the famed Joulter Cays and areas off of North Andros Island, Bahamas.
Magic African Tigers
Fly fishing for tiger fish.