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How To Enter

You can submit your movie in one of two ways.


Submit your movie online: click on the "upload video" link below and follow the onscreen instructions. In most cases, movies can be uploaded immediately. Fill out the information provided then upload the file itself. Easy.

NOTE: Movies must be no larger than 50MB. Ideal size: 640 (width) x 360 (height). Ideal format: H.264 (.MP4). We also accept the following formats ( .FLV / .MOV / .MP4 / .MPEG / .AVI ). If your movie is over the MB maximum, and you'd like to keep it high res... please send it to us.


Send your movie by snail mail to the following address:

Festival Director, c/o Winston Rod Company
500 S. Main Street, P.O. Box 411
Twin Bridges, MT 59754
tel: (406) 684-5674

For more information, contact festival director Kevin Turman at info@winstonrods.com or Leslie Clark at lclark@winstonrods.com, tel: 406-684-5674.

How To Make Movies
If you are a professional filmmaker or television producer and would like to discuss the possibility of having your flyfishing films broadcast on our site, please let us know what you have in mind. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for content, but will try to provide a good distribution outlet so the flyfishing world can see how talented you are.
Movie Cameras
Most of you probably already have a video camera: MiniDV, HDV, DVD, Digital 8 or even Hi8. These are all digital video formats and are easy to work with. Once you have shot your movie, you will need to load it onto your computer. To connect your camcorder to your computer you will need a firewire or USB cable. This process is made easier through some great easy-to-use software programs like iMovie, Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro on the Mac, or through a variety of programs designed for PC.

If you have an older camcorder and have shot your movie on 8mm or Hi8 tape, VHS or S-VHS, you can still digitize it, but you may need an analog-to-digital converter such as an advc canopus converter (very easy to use) which will provide the connections necessary to convert the analog tape to a digital format which you can then use on your computer

After the video has been digitized onto your computer, you can manipulate it further in a movie editing program before submitting it, or go ahead and upload it.
Once your movie has been loaded onto your computer and you want to get creative, you can edit it, add titles, music, etc., as we have done with our films on the Winston Channel. If you have never used iMovie on the Mac, you will be amazed at how easy it is to make professional-looking movies with tight editing, interesting titles and creative effects. In only a few years, it is highly likely that some of the most successful filmmakers will be discovered via the web after having first broadcast their movies on sites like ours - maybe it will be you! In general, when it comes to editing, it is a wonderful and satisfying process which can make your movie come to life... and, like many things, the more time you spend on it, the more satisfied you will be with the end result. If you're not ready to tackle the editing process, no problem - you can simply upload what you have shot in raw format directly to our site as is.
Format and Size
We ultimately use H.264 (.MP4) movie files on the website, so if you can upload that, it is what we prefer. You can also upload Quicktime (.mov), Windows .AVI, Flash .FLV or .MPG files. It's possible we can convert other formats as well, so if you can't convert to any of the formats above, go ahead and send us what you have (in digital format only) and we will do what we can. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to convert your movies from tape, so please don't send us tapes - they will need to be converted to digital files first.

The ideal size is 640x360 (16x9) resolution (pixels) with MP3 audio. Don't worry so much about changing the audio setting on your movie as the default setting will almost always work. Several of our movies were shot on HD at 16x9. This is a widescreen format that we think looks great so we converted all of our movies to this size, even the ones we shot using standard 4:3 format. In the future, we expect everything (TVs, Computer monitors, video iPods, etc...) will gravitate to this format, so we wanted to stay ahead of the curve. We generally don't recommend trying to convert your movie from 4:3 to 16x9 since when incorrectly, it can cause stretching or unwanted cropping which would not be the best presentation of your film. Besides, for the next few years we expect most movies will be submitted in 4:3.
Cell Phone and Computer Movies
Many new cell phones and computers have video cameras built in. This should lead to a new wave of fun, creative filmmaking. However, as we don't recommend bringing your computer with you onto the stream and your cell phone will be at risk near water, we don't expect too many flyfishing movies to be shot this way. However, you should be able to upload your movies shot on mobile devices to Annual Film Festival after loading them onto your computer.
Prizes and Festival information
Annual Film Festival is the world's first website dedicated exclusively to broadcasting fly fishing movies. Visitors can watch the movies, post their own movies and win prizes. Prizes will be awarded for movies submitted to Annual Film Festival film festivals every 12 months, with festival periods ending December 31.

Entries can be easily uploaded on Annual Film Festival and the first 100 entries receive a Winston cap. The top films will be designated as "Festival Favorites" and will be posted to a special, honorary section of the site. Films submitted by employees and representatives of Winston and their immediate relatives are not eligible for awards/prizes, though they may submit films. Films submitted by the employees and owners of specialty fly shops, including fly shops which may be Winston dealers will be eligible for awards/prizes, though the Jury will afford them no special consideration.