Boron III X

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Reel Seat: A or B

Winston’s best-selling all-around fly rod series. Featuring advanced Boron III materials and technology, our BORON III X rods are incredibly lightweight, powerful, high line speed rods. With our virtually friction-free “Shooting Guides,” Boron III X rods allow you to generate added line speed without compromising feel. These rods perform perfectly at a broad range of distances, whether you’re casting close-in to skittish fish in gin clear water or at longer distances with wind-resistant flies or streamers.


Boron III X






Line Length Grip Rod Price / Blank Price
3wt. 8’6″ CIGAR $850 / $425
4wt. 8′ CIGAR $850 / $425
4wt. 8’6″ CIGAR $850 / $425
4wt. 9′ CIGAR $850 / $425
5wt. 8’6″ CIGAR $850 / $425
5wt. 9′ CIGAR $850 / $425
5wt. 9’6″ FULL WELLS $850 / $425
6wt. 9′ CIGAR $850 / $425
6wt. 9’6″ FULL WELLS $850 / $425
7wt. 9′ FULL WELLS $850 / $425
7wt. 9’6″ FULL WELLS $850 / $425
7wt. 10′ FULL WELLS $850 / $425
8wt. 9′ FULL WELLS $850 / $425
8wt. 9’6″ FULL WELLS $850 / $425




  • Advanced Boron III technology, fast action
  • Features Winston’s friction-free “Shooting Guides”
  • Smooth, lightweight, powerful
  • Broad casting range
  • Effortless long casts or delicate presentations up-close
  • Embroidered rod bag and Winston green super-light graphite rod tube with green super-light graphite rod tube with company signature logo.
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT

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  • Weights: 3wt. thru 8wt.
  • Action: Fast
  • Sections: 4 and 5
  • Color: Winston Green
  • Guides: Hard chrome snake ‘Shooting Guides’ with chrome nano-lite stripping guides.
  • Reel Seat: Nickel silver with burled wood insert on 8’6″ 3wt. thru 9′ 4wt., 8’6″ 5wt., 9′ 5wt., and 9′ 6wt. Anodized aluminum on 9’6″ 5wt., and 9’6″ 6 thru 9’6″ 8wt.
  • Storage: Super-light graphite rod tube embossed with company logo signature plus logo tech rod sock.

18 reviews for Boron III X

  1. winston

    8’6″ 5wt

    “The Boron III X is the only fast rod that I’ve tested in the last 4 – 5 years that makes it a pleasure to cast. I’ve been telling (other) manufacturers for the last 5 years that their fast rods are killing enjoyment by being too rigid. Winston has managed to accomplish what very, very few have – create a fluid blank with a high recovery speed. An absolute pleasure to cast and tracks beautifully. I know of no other fast rod that can deliver flies with such surgical precision.

    There’s something almost subversive about the B3x… in hand, it feels like a medium action rod… but has the fast-action characteristics when needed. It’s my new favourite fly rod.”

    Robert Morselli: Midcurrent

  2. winston

    9′ 10wt

    “I really like the fish fighting capabilities of the 8 and 10 weight B3Xs, because of the powerful butt and mid sections of this new rod. This means we can really lean on the fish, or give them the “wood” when battling a prized catch. This is accomplished by fighting the fish with the handle and lower parts of the rod, which is the proper way to land fish quickly. We must protect the fish we love to catch, and landing them quickly is paramount for conservation. If we fight our fish for too long they cannot be released properly and go unharmed. Best of all, the upper section of the B3X cushions the explosive runs and the unexpected headshakes of our hooked fish, meaning the rod protects our tippets and leaders from breaking, so we simply can land more fish with the B3X! Lastly, I love the fact that all the green rods from Winston are made in the USA! Being from Montana (and a good American) I always try to buy local. It plainly feels good to fish with an American made product, and just maybe that makes me cast more effectively!”

    Ian Davis: Saltwater Program Director / Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures

  3. winston

    9’6″ 8wt

    “My favorite steelhead rod for fishing nymph rigs. Roll casts and mends better than other comparable high end rods. It is effortless to cast! Also have used extensively out of the float tube on Pyramid and launches sinking lines!”

    Zack Thurman:
    The Fly Shop – Redding, CA

  4. winston

    9′ 8wt

    “I just returned from 18 days of fishing the flats of the Bahamas and can say that the BIIIx 9′ 8wt. was my go to rod for bonefish and was a pleasure to carry (light in hand) on our 3 hour am or pm wading expeditions. It fished equally well with a WF-8-F SA sharkskin or textured SW line.”

    Paul Antolosky:
    Winston Pro Staff

  5. winston

    9′ 8wt

    “Carp, bass, and Pyramid Lake favorite for casting for distance and accuracy. This rods has the power to throw into the wind, and felt good fighting fish. Have thrown all types of sinking lines and floating lines, and it handles all of them great. Have not thrown indicator rigs on this rod, prefer a 9’6″ for that.”

    Zack Thurman:
    The Fly Shop – Redding, CA

  6. winston

    9’6″ 7wt

    “Much like the 9’6″ 6wt, this rod is an indicator champ! Fished nymphing rigs on the Lower Sac, and stillwaters and handles both with ease. This rods roll casts, mends, and fights fish great. I have only tested the rod with 7wt lines, but I think it can hold up with a 8wt if someone wanted to over line it.”

    Zack Thurman: The Fly Shop – Redding, CA

  7. winston

    9’6″ 6wt

    “Fished on the Lower Sac, and threw indicator/split shot rigs like a champ. Experimented with different lines and can be fished with either a 6 or 7wt nymph line of your choice. Roll casting, and mending was effortless. Fished it next to a 9’6″ 6wt Sage One, and what a huge difference in the ease it was to fish this compared to the Sage. I even had a couple of newbies in the boat one day and they noticed the difference between the two. I have also put a ton of hours on stillwaters and is one of the easiest casting rods that I have fished on lakes. With having the softer tip, I was able to land very big fish on light tippet (you know where). Best 9’6″ 6wt I have fished.”

    Zack Thurman:
    The Fly Shop – Redding, CA

  8. winston

    “Rating a quality day in New Zealand’s back country, is not by how many fish were brought to the net, but by how many fish were spooked. Crystal clear waters, often windy afternoons, and wary brown trout, all typical South Island conditions, require the longest and most accurate casts. Light-to-hand, quick, and accurate, my BIIIx 6-weight rod transformed the fishing challenges into pure joy. Taming the most challenging fish that New Zealand has to offer proves how incredibly versatile the 9′, for a 6 weight line, BIIIx rod is for anything that our Rocky Mountain West has to dish out. This rod is my ‘go-to’ choice for nearly every long casting, big-bug-throwing, accurate presentation, wind battling environment…where big fish live. A woman’s best friend, at least on the river!”

    Lori Nicholson:
    Winston Pro Staff

  9. winston

    9′ 6wt

    “The 9′ 6wt B IIIX is my new go to rod for medium to large trout rivers. Whether I’m punching casts through stiff winds with a double nymph rig, or making that delicate dry fly presentation to fish at close range, this rod can handle it. The classic smooth feel of all Winston rods makes it a pleasure to cast all day, and the rods fast action generates high line speeds for those long distance double hauls. This is the perfect rod when you never know what the day will throw at you.”

    Joe McGinley:
    Winston Pro Staff

  10. winston

    9’6″ 6wt

    “I originally ordered this rod to be used on the Mississippi River, throwing bass poppers at the shoreline, & streamers on the flats. A standard bug taper works well for the poppers, & an Airflo Distance 40 makes for easy 60′-90′ casts when the smallies are busting threadfin shad near the surface. The rod went along as a back-up on a late October trip to fish steelies on a Lake Superior tributary. It turned out to be my primary rod, using a 375 gr. Skagit compact & also a 390 gr. Scandi head with assorted poly leaders. The 9.5′ length gave easy spey casting out to around 80′, & great mending control. This could easily be anyone’s primary bass, big water, light steelhead rod.”

    Bob Blumreich: Winston Pro Staff

  11. winston

    9′ 6wt

    “If you only had to have one rod for world-wide trout fishing, I find it hard to believe there is a better one than the The 9′ 6 wt Boron IIIx. The Boron IIIx loads easily and has just the right flex for fishing small dries to rising fish, throws sinking lines with ease, and can effortlessly throw even the biggest foam dries with droppers. Did I mention wind? No problem!”

    Rance Rathie: Patagonia River Guides

  12. winston

    9′ 5wt

    “The 9′ 5 weight BIIIx is a great cross over rod when you want to fish nymphs in the morning and then switch over to small baetis (#24-#26) in the afternoon during an October hatch on the Madison or Beaverhead. Lighter in the hand and a bit quicker than the Bllx version, this rod will be in my hands during these October encounters.”

    Paul Antolosky: Winston Pro Staff

  13. winston

    9’6″ 5wt

    “There is nothing that I have found that out fishes Winston’s 9 1/2′ 5 weight BIIIx. I recently returned from a trip to New Zealand and having found out years ago that a stubborn 9 1/2′ 5 weight was the main rod to use for pretty much 100% of the conditions found there. I was still more than impressed with Winston’s BIIIx. It beat the wind and tossing a size 10 Grey Wulff into a stiff breeze became just another casting stroke. The capabilities of the BIIIx 9 1/2′ 5 wt. goes beyond that though, as I have fallen in love with this same rod for floating western rivers where you never know what you might find around the next bend. It is truly an all-around fly rod with just the right flavor to match a number of fly fishing conditions and situations. I fish it using a Frontier Anglers WF5W fly line, that is a half line size heavier, and it matches the rod perfectly.”

    Tim Tollett: Winston Pro Staff

  14. winston

    9′ 5wt

    ….”as for the gorgeous new 9′ 5-weight Boron IIIx, it took me a bit longer to get a feel for this rod, but once I did, it produced some of the nicest, tightest, most accurate loops I’ve ever seen. I fished the BIIIx extensively on the Missouri in September and October and it’s hard to imagine a rod pitching a nicer line.” – Sporting Classics Magazine, March/ April 2011

    Todd Tanner: Senior Editor, Sporting Classics Magazine

  15. winston

    9′ 4wt

    “I fished the BIIIX nine-for-four on the Ranch Opener (Henry’s Fork) this year. What a sweet head-hunter! The Ranch opener is a social event, and often the back-slapping and “great to see you!” calls across the water are the high-point, with the fishing extremely challenging, often with limited (or zero) results. The fishing gets much better later in the season. I was fortunate to do “the walk” with Rene Harrop, my friend and longtime guru of the Ranch. Early into our stroll, we saw a big slob rising right off the bank. I waded out slowly in a big circuitous path, shaped like a question mark, so that I could cast back to shore. The wind had picked up, and my presentation was quartering into the wind. I was throwing an 18-foot leader, five-X with a #18 spent partridge caddis. My first couple casts were laid out with plenty of power. . . but mending was tough with the wind. “Come on dummy, reach cast” I said to myself, and the rod did an upstream reach with no problem into that wind, and the leader laid out the way Winston rods lay out dry fly presentations… perfectly. Big eat, big fight, big fish to the net. I later learned that only a couple fish were caught all day. I love that BIIIx nine-for-four. What a great rod!”

    Brooks Montgomery: Winston Sales Rep

  16. winston

    8’6″ 4wt

    “I took my 8 foot 6 inch #4 BIIIx to the Upper Williamson River, in south central Oregon, to get in on the dry fly action during the black drake (siflonorus occidentalis) hatch. Normally, in June, the dry fly fishing is a convenient 10 am to 4 pm event. This year, the never ending cold weather and high, cold water (clear, but a bit high) made for very limited dry fly opportunities. The fish are there, so I changed my leader and went to a medium sized, lead eyed streamer to get down and dirty. My 8′ 6″ #4 is a perfect dry fly rod on small to medium sized streams and rivers. However, when duty calls… I chucked those streamers for two days, only finding rising fish one evening. In the oxbow bends I swung and retrieved streamers. It was lights out action. Rainbows to 19 inches and brookies to 16 inches, almost non-stop. I thought I would have needed a bigger, beefier rod, but I was fine.”

    Brian O’Keefe: Catch Magazine

  17. winston

    9’6″ 8wt

    “I’m more than impressed by my new smooth casting 9/1/2-foot 8-weight Winston Boron III X fly rod. I was wading the windy flats of the Red Sea in search of yellowmargin triggerfish. As with most flats fish, a long cast and a delicate presentation is essential regardless of conditions. I was quick to learn the Winston loads effortlessly and it was easy to punch long cast into the teeth of a strong wind.

    Once hooked up, the triggers would make a mad dash often through mine fields of jagged corral heads. Not so fast – that extra 6-inches my 91/2-foot rod offers allowed me to raise my line and leader over these hindrances. I’m a huge fan of the 91/2-foot 8-weight Boron III X fly rod for any flats fishing around the world.”

    Jeff Currier: Winston Pro Advisor

  18. winston

    8’6″ 5wt

    “On a recent trip to the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, I took my BIIIX 8’6″ 5wt for the sole purpose of targeting Dolly Varden and trout. Along with these species, I also caught and landed arctic grayling, pink, silver and sockeye salmon along with a 28″ steelhead on this 5wt rod and a 3x tippet. Needless to say I am more than impressed with the Winston BIIIX Series. This rod performed flawlessly while other high and lesser end rods were snapping around me. From its smooth, effortless and accurate casting to its boron fish-fighting back bone, this rod does it all!”

    James “Carp” Carpenter: Winston Pro Staff

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