How to Fish a Streamer with a Beadhead – Winston Pro Staffer Michael Stack


By Michael Stack


One of our favorite and most successful tactics for catching big trout is to add a dropper nymph off the back of your streamer. The “Bunny and a Beadhead” or “Dragging Junk” rig (as it’s affectionately known around the rivers of southwest Montana) is an easy way to entice strikes from trout that will engage and chase a streamer, but not eat it. Essentially, the streamer brings the trout to the party and the nymph trailing behind triggers the strike.


Introducing Winston Energy Saltwater Fly Lines

Winston Salt Energy Fly Lines photo

 WINSTON ENERGY SALTWATER FLY LINES. A new approach to fly line design.

Winston Energy Saltwater fly lines were designed utilizing an entirely new scientific approach and state of the art analytics to enhance the energy transfer between the rod and line. By measuring the dynamic characteristics of fly rods at various flex points, we’ve applied an engineered system to precisely design lines that are ideal for each rod weight. The result is a series of lines that perfectly match the performance characteristics of today’s fly rods, and provide anglers with optimized line control, accuracy and, most importantly, presentation. Available in WF 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 for Salt.

Fly Rod Review: Winston Boron III Plus

Boron III Plus Salt Butt section copy


by Robert Morselli/

8-weights aren’t easy. Saltwater 8-weights even less so: they have a considerably elevated set of performance hurdles to clear than your average 5-weight. Consider that, and the vision R.L. Winston tasked their rod maker with when developing the Boron III Plus line of performance fly rods. The general message seems to have been: Go big. Big flies. Big wind. Big fish. Develop a rod that will address the most challenging fishing situations (probably the easy part), and give it that classic Winston feel (the hard part).


Winston To Attend Fly Fishing Shows in 2017

The Fly Fishing Show

The R.L.Winston Rod Company in Twin Bridges, Montana, is pleased to announce today that they will be connecting with customers far and wide at Furimsky’s Fly Fishing Shows in early 2017. The shows and dates are as follows:

Denver, Colorado – January 6, 7, 8th
Somerset, New Jersey – January 27, 28, 29th
Atlanta, Georgia – February 3rd & 4th
Pleasanton, California – February 24, 25, 26th


Gear Review – Winston Energy Fly Line

By Spencer Durrant

Fly lines are often overlooked by anglers when setting up a new outfit. The reel and rod are obviously important, but good fly line makes a rod perform that much better. For example: I’d never use a true-to-weight line on a Sage MOD or Bolt. Both of those rods are stiff enough to warrant a heavier line, like the MPX series from Scientific Anglers. So when fishing a medium-fast action rod it makes sense to use a line closer to the AFFTA standards for line and rod weight.