The World of Spey – Insights from Winston Pro Advisor Tom Larimer

Tom Larimer

Q: You’re well known as a two-handed specialist. What is it about that particular discipline of fly fishing that attracted you?

TL: I was first drawn to Spey fishing when I lived and guided in the Great Lakes region, back in the mid-nineties. Swinging a fly with a two-hander just had a feel that was unmistakably soulful. Ultimately, two-handed fishing is what made me move to the Deschutes. I wanted to immerse myself in the sport on a river that screams for Spey rods.

From a fishing perspective the benefits of a long rod are huge. You can cover endless water, make long casts in the tightest of spots and most importantly, you have total control of your presentation. Plus, Spey casting is really fun! Nothing in our sport measures up to uncorking a long, perfect Spey cast and hooking a raging steelhead. (Well… Tarpon are right up there)


Winston Presents “One on One with Joan Wulff” Part Two

OneOnOne-PartII-Joan Wulff-6-10b

Today, Winston Rod Company proudly announces the second installment of its new 10-episode online HD fly casting instructional video series, “One on One with Joan Wulff”.  This second collection of more advanced HD instructional videos is available for viewing immediately at  The next five titles include: False Casting, Drift, Double Hauling, Shooting the Line and Mastering the Wind.