Jungle Angler – Tsimane Agua Negra Diary

By Rodrigo Salles
Diary on the making of  Jungle Angler.BOLIVIA-EXPORT-1_57

Aug 4th
Starting the Journey

I left my home and office in Manaus, Brazilian Amazon, in a hurry, leaving the building of our new vessel for Marié River (www.marieriver.com) in the hands of my father, a retired engineer who had taken the task to help us to build the most modern and advanced ship in the Amazon in less than 5 months. I was on my way to meet our crew in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, for a new exciting adventure – filming the headwaters of the Agua Negra River (Black Water) in the far upper reaches of the mountain zone of Tsimane Indian Territory, a place where only two of our guides had reached once before, and came back with no words to describe what they experienced.


Stripers at First Light

Stripes at First light 3

Stripers at First Light is the newest story in Winston’s series,  On the River, by Winston Field Advisor, Parker Clemens.

Stripers at First Light

There was a slight chill in the air, but it was not cold. Actually, it felt more like a spring morning than the heart of winter. As we floated silently through the darkness, Kern asked me if I preferred watching the sunrise or the sunset and the inflection in his voice told me that he was pondering his own answer. My answer was simple and inconclusive. I could not decide. There is a new feeling that comes with a sunrise; the light chases the cold away and half the earth slowly wakes to the approaching day. And sunsets, I have seen thousands and hope to see thousands more. Reflecting on the question, I pieced together my fly rod as the surrounding blackness turned to a deep deceptive gray, the kind of gray that could either mean the end the day or the end of the night. It was a little past 6:30 am when the first dim colors returned to the sky over the shadowy water of the Chesapeake Bay.


REVIEW: Boron III LS Fly Rods



By Ben Kryzinski , courtesy of Hatch Magazine

I get asked fairly often what I think the world’s best trout rod is. You want to hear about it? Sweet. Here’s what you need to know.

I’m looking for something very specific in my ultimate trout rod. I want a rod that will fish everything – dry flies, nymphs, small streamers, wets – with ease, that will make every cast in the book, and most importantly, that disappears in my hand. Which is why, when pressed for what my favorite trout rod is, I pick the 9’ 5-wt. Winston Boron III LS.