New Powerful Fly Rods for the Newest Fly Fishing Destination – Rio Marié and the Development of the New Boron III Plus Jungle Rods.

An Interview with Mike Michalak, Patrick Pendergast, Justin Miller, Mike Mercer and Michael Caranci from The Fly Shop, Redding, CA.



Q: Fly Fishing at Rio Marié Lodge in the Brazilian jungle has only been available since 2014. What makes the fishing opportunities at Rio Marié so unique and outstanding?

A: The sheer number of massive peacocks found in the Rio Marié is really what separates it from other rivers in Amazonia. Peacock bass over 20 pounds are extremely rare; the majority of lodges land only peacock bass in the 20 pound range for their entire season. The Rio Marié recorded an unbelievable number of these trophies this year, with nearly half of the anglers landing a fish over 20 lbs., and a few knocking on the All- Tackle World Record door by landing fish in excess of the 25 pound mark.


Jeff Currier travels to Mexico in search of roosterfish with the new Boron III Plus saltwater rods.

Winston Jan 2016 7 Jeff Currier

January 4, 2016

It’s been a blur since I received my new Winston 9’ 9-weight Boron III Plus Jungle Rod. The attractive new model arrived in late October and I took it on a two day photo shoot to Key West. We got our photos and I enjoyed my best day of bonefishing in the Keys of my life. That was my first experience with the extra powerful new model Winston and I was impressed.

Winston Jan 2016 1 Jeff Currier



Catch Magazine interviews David Ondaatje of R.L. Winston Rod Company about aerial photography. Includes the award winning film, “Icarus”.


Q: As an angler and photographer, what was your initial draw to begin flying and utilizing a multi-rotor drone for your photography work?

A: I love fly fishing. It occupies virtually every part of my personal life and my professional life. I also can’t imagine ever going fishing without a camera. It’s my way of sharing my passion for Winston and for fly fishing with others – especially when visiting a place for the first time. Aerial photography offers the opportunity explore the world from a new vantage point, so naturally I was drawn to it right away. In fact, that’s the main idea behind my latest film, Icarus. Like the Greek myth, the film Icarus is about a new freedom in flying (and filming with a quadcopter). And, like Icarus, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of things I saw from this new point of view, and ultimately undone by foolishness and inexperience. My wax wings soon melted and down it all came.


Fly Fishing in the Brazilian Jungle – Winston Pro Advisor, Ian Davis, Reviews the New Boron III Plus.


ian peacock bass

Q: After returning from Bolivia only a week or two ago, you set off again for the tropics, this time to the Brazilian jungle. Where in Brazil is this new lodge and how do you get there?

A: The new Rio Marie lodge is located in the northwestern part of Brazil and almost on the Columbian border. The river systems you are fishing are in the upper reaches of the Amazonian basin. Travel starts in Miami with direct flights to Manaus, which is a large city and one of the major ports on the Amazon River. Our package includes your arrival night’s stay at the Hotel Tropical which is the best option in the city. As with many South American accommodations do not be in a rush to check-in or obtain a cold beverage. The following morning the ground transfer agent picks you up for the three hour charter flight aboard a 14-passenger, twin engine turbo-prop to the remote Indian village of Sao Gabriel. From there you have a five hour boat ride to the mothership on a comfortable transfer boat with a Bimini top and rain shields. Bring a good book.