Virginia is for Brook Trout Lovers is the first installment in Winston’s new series, On The River – by Parker Clemens. Originally from California, Parker spent four trout filled years in Colorado before landing in Washington, DC. In a city where things that are said are not always meant, Parker seeks solace in the streams where the fish keep the angler honest. While he reserves the highest reverence for trout, he happily pursues all species swimming in the nation’s capital. Whether it is casting at carp in the shadow of the Jefferson Memorial or backpacking to one of Virginia’s mountain brook trout streams, Parker can be found with a smile on his face whenever there is a fly rod in his hand. When he is not fishing, Parker writes about his experiences on the water. His writing takes on an appreciative and reflective tone, highlighting the intangible intricacies between the angler and the environment. With allusions to stewardship and the rejuvenating qualities of nature, Parker encourages his readers to explore and contemplate their own innate connection to the outdoors.


Fly Fishing in Tsimane – Interview with Winston Field Advisor, Ian Davis of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures


Q: Where is Tsimane? How did you get there? Is it a long trip? Beautiful?

A: This unique fishery is located in the heart of the mountainous Bolivian jungle, and is the headwaters of the Amazon River in South America. I met the Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventure guests in the Miami International Airport for the overnight flight to Santa Cruz via La Paz. The American Airlines flight is around eight hours. After clearing customs and paying for our visas we were greeted by Hugo from Untamed Angling and transferred to Los Tajibos, a luxury hotel in the center of the city. The group spent the afternoon touring the city and learning more about the fascinating cultural, historical and political landscape of Bolivia. They concluded their tour at Las Cabañas for beers and various locally-baked breads. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at a nearby traditional South American steakhouse, which was fantastic, very reasonable, and just blocks away from the hotel. The following morning, we boarded a bus for the regional airport in Santa Cruz for our fixed-wing aircraft, 1.5 hour flight to the grass landing strip next to the Omoromo Indian community. Representatives from Pluma Lodge greeted us and after the traditional distribution of candy and toys to the Chimán locals, we piled into the boats that awaited us on the banks of the lower Secure River. Depending on water condition, the run upstream is usually just over an hour to the Pluma Lodge.




Winston Upgrades Boron III X Fly Rods

written by Drake Magazine

When Winston added a third “I” to its BIIx rods several years back, the classic all-around sedan received an engine upgrade in the form of boosted horsepower. Thanks to a slightly stiffer mid-section and tip, the speedier BIIIx performed great in the wind and was more accurate at longer distances than its predecessor.