Today, the R.L. Winston Rod Company in Twin Bridges, Montana, leading manufacturer of the world’s top handcrafted fly rods utilizing its Boron III technology, announced the names of the inaugural premium fly fishing lodges invited to be WINSTON PREFERRED LODGES®.

Patagonia River Guides (PRG) in Argentina under the management of Rance Rathie and Travis Smith, Tsimane, a dorado fly fishing lodge in Bolivia led by Rodrigo Salles, and Mission Lodge, a fly out lodge in Bristol Bay in Alaska managed by Guy and Sarah Fullhart, were all invited to be WINSTON PREFERRED LODGES®.

Upon hearing of their selection, Rance Rathie and Travis Smith remarked, “We are honored to have been selected to be one of the first WINSTON PREFERRED LODGES® and look forward to many more years working together with such a great team in Twin Bridges and fishing Winston Rods to wild trout in Patagonia. Our company, Patagonia River Guides, has exclusively provided Winston Rods for over a decade because like our lodging, guiding, service, and fishing programs we choose to only provide our clients the absolute best.”

Rodrigo Salles of Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia, delighted to hear the news that Tsimane was selected said, “Tsimane Lodge is extremely glad to be among the very first lodges selected by Winston to receive the WINSTON PREFERRED LODGE® title. To be a part of this new small group of exclusive and selected lodges in the world by Winston moves us even further in our relentless pursuit to provide the very best fly fishing destinations in the wild side of South America – where the Amazon Jungle opens a new door in the fly fishing world.”

Guy and Sarah Fullhart, when told of their selection said, “Mission Lodge is very excited to be invited to be among the first WINSTON PREFERRED LODGES®. Over the last several years we have been introducing our clients in Alaska to Winston rods with a tremendous response for the amazing fly fishing we have here at Mission in the Bristol Bay wilderness. Our fly fishing is diverse in this part of the state and having the right tools is essential to conquering a trophy fish.”

Winston explains that the criteria for selection is not simply based on a level of luxury accommodation or high price, and while all WINSTON PREFERRED LODGES® are asked to have Winston rods available to their guests, Winston makes it clear that it does not charge lodges a listing fee to be included as one might find with other lodge endorsement programs. Instead, selection is by invitation only, and is based primarily on an overall “exceptional fly fishing experience.” All those invited to be a WINSTON PREFERRED LODGE® must have top guides, outstanding accommodations, excellent service, and, most importantly, exceptional fly fishing.

While the WINSTON PREFERRED LODGE® program is limited to recognizing only a select number of the top international fly fishing destination lodges, there are obviously a great many outstanding fly fishing lodges across North America and around the world, many of whom have extremely talented Winston guides on their staff. Consequently, through our Pro Advisory team and other advisors, we are already in the process of reviewing additional candidates and expect to announce the names of a select number of
other exceptional fly fishing lodges who will be invited to become a WINSTON PREFERRED LODGE® over the next several months and years, as merited.

You can learn more about the WINSTON PREFERRED LODGE®Program on the Winston website at or contact us at