Winston PURE Among Top Winners in Yellowstone Angler 4-weight Shootout

The new Winston PURE may have tied for 2nd place in the shootout, but Yellowstone Angler’s Logan Brown, votes it his favorite.

“The new R.L. Winston PURE 8’ #4 rod is my top rod in this year’s Shootout.  From the second I had this rod in my hand, I knew it was something special.  For me this rod is the winner of this year’s Shootout not just based on performance, but also its overall craftsman is second to none.  I love the striking appearance of this rod in the familiar Winston emerald green.  The cork handle is flawless, and the nickel silver hardware on the reel seat is beautiful.  Moreover, this is a rod made here in Montana.  Every year there is a rod that stands out as one I want to own.  This year, the 8’ #4 PURE is that rod!    Logan Brown, Yellowstone Angler


Fly Fusion Awards Winston PURE 2019 Editor’s Choice for Best New Trout Rod

“The Winston PURE is Winston in every way.  Not only is it the most beautiful rod in the test, with classic green finish, nickel silver reel seat and classy hand-labeling, the PURE  had the greatest flex and slowest recovery.  It’s consistent with the history of the company and the skill of the rod designer.  The Winston PURE is different, but different is good. In the sea of stiff rods needing heavy lines, the PURE is refreshing to cast.  It is smooth, progressive, and responds well at a variety of distances.”

 Fly Fusion Magazine


Head of the U.S. Small Business Administration Meets Winston

Winston’s Adam Hutchison had the distinct honor of introducing Linda McMahon, head of the SBA, to the R.L. Winston Rod Company while she was touring the Simms facility in Bozeman, Montana.   Her trip to Montana was part of her SBA Ignite Tour that is focused on listening to business owners; educating about SBA’s services for access to capital, mentoring and federal contracting, advocating for entrepreneurs, and driving economic growth with small businesses. Linda McMahon serves as the 25th Administrator of the SBA and advocates on behalf of the 28 million small businesses in America.



Winston Saltwater AIR a Hit in Norway

“As it turns out, the new AIR Salt is looking as it is going to be a hit over here.  The rods you just sent are now gone except the one we have as a demo.  It is nearly unbelievable but even Runar, who is one of the leading saltwater fishermen in Norway, is now going to be a Winston man.  After a 20 year Sage streak, the AIR Salt turned him over.  I think we can agree with that being a big deal.  We are from now on 3 employees using Winston AIR Salt and Boron III Plus as our main rods for saltwater.” 

Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards,   Lasse Merkesdal, Nordisk Fiskeutstyr AS,


A French Angler Visits Ireland

Bonjour!    I was fishing in the middle of the night in the middle of Lough Sheelin in Ireland.  It was the middle of May. There were big risers and I was fishing with the Winston Air 9’ #5 and the Bauer RX3 fly reel. I was fishing a large yellow mayfly.  The fish hit the fly hard and took me well into the backing.  I fought the fish for over 30 minutes.  The Winston rod and the Bauer reel with the “super brake” were perfect.  I caught the biggest trout of my life, 7 pounds, 8 grams.  Sometimes in bed I live again this moment, when she takes the fly and runs…… The best fishing is in the dreams and the souvenirs.     Au Revoir,  Francois Calmejean



Faces of Winston – Meet Kaye McLaughlin, Repairs

Kaye McLaughlin heads up the Repair Department here at Winston. A Montana native, Kaye grew up in southwestern Montana and attended Beaverhead High School as well as Western Montana College, both in Dillon.  She and her husband Mark, live down the road in Sheridan, where they raised their daughter Annie. Kaye has worked for Winston for 25 years.  She started in the Coating Department and has also worked in Blank Rolling and as well as Central Blank before taking her many skills to the supervise the Repair Department. Her favorite part of the job is helping customers who are very distressed because they have broken their Winston rod. So when your favorite rod comes back as good as new after you fearing it had met an untimely demise, you have Kaye to thank!