Currier Brook 8.21.15

Fast action 5- and 6-weight rods with full wells grips for trout fishing? Fast action oversized sticks aren’t my usual choice for trout but on a recent trip to Labrador where I knew skater dry flies, mouse patterns and streamers were required I figured what the heck – bring them along.

When piecing together the rods, the first thing I noticed was how light they were. They were like picking up a pen! Then the gorgeous all aluminum reel seat caught my eye. And while stringing up I noticed the oversized stripping guides and couldn’t help but think, “These rods are going to give me some extra casting distance.”

Naturally, when it came time to put the rods to work, I saw a big head sip a small mayfly. I immediately ran into the unexpected. I felt my rods were too stiff for the presentation of a small dry fly. Frustrated but without a choice, I tied a parachute Adams on the 5-weight Boron III Plus and began my attack. The rod cast like a dream and as I made my presentation down and across my fly line fed through the guides with ease.

Winston Salmon on the 5

These fish of Labrador get little fishing pressure and on the first drift a salmonid sipped my parachute. I expected a large brook trout but instead a sizable ouananiche salmon (landlocked) spiral-jumped four feet in the air! With any normal 5-weight I’d be under gunned for this fight. But despite the salmon’s tackle testing antics, the powerful Winston made it possible to land the fish in fast time.

After a solid week of using the Boron III Plus 5- and 6-weight rods I can honestly say they are amazing. They are by no means too much for trout fishing and in fact perfect for destinations with large trout, extra wind where fishing larger flies is required. During the week I managed to fool several more landlocked salmon and many of the largest brook trout of my life. I’ve also put these wonderful rods to work for mirror carp fishing here in Idaho and they are THE rod for the freshwater flats!

– Jeff Currier, August 2015

Winston Boron III Plus