With all the travel I do there’s not as much time to fish at home here in Idaho like back in my trout bumming days.  It’s weird but it’s a truth to the way my life has become.  And although there are no complaints about getting to fish unique places for many cool fish species, I do miss fishing at home.  Therefore, when I am in Idaho, I make dang sure my most needed Winston’s are always loaded in the Explorer ready to go.

Hands down, at heart I’m a dry fly guy.  One of the main reasons I live in Idaho is to be closer to the Railroad Ranch of the Henry’s Fork.  The Ranch is probably the most classic dry fly river on the planet with abundant hatches and huge rainbow trout.

The rainbows of the Henry’s Fork aren’t ordinary fish.  Sure, they’re rainbows but the water moves slow through the Ranch and these fish see pressure from savvy anglers.  These fish are the most challenging dry fly fish I’ve ever met!

To win the match against these sophisticated trout starts with the correct fly rod.  My rod of choice is the Winston Pure 9’ 4-weight.  First of all, a 9 foot rod allows for making the long reach casts necessary for the perfect drag free drift.  Then the 4-weight is always best for absorbing the weight of a heavy fish hitting a small fly on light tippet.  The Pure makes both essential needs simple by doing the work for me.

As much as I’m tempted, not every day of fishing from my Explorer ends up on the Henry’s Fork.  There are times when I track down a stonefly hatch.  There are times when I find myself in a drift boat with pals floating down the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  In August and September, the scenic Snake offers the best over-sized dry fly fishing for cutthroats in the entire Rocky Mountain West.

To throw big dry flies effectively you need a fly rod that can handle these air resistant flies, keep a rig high above the boat and your buddies heads and handle the windy days that come with late summer.  The second rod you’ll always find in my truck is the 9’ 5-weight Winston Freshwater Air.  A rod that achieves all three needs!

Last but not least I always have the Winston 9’ 6-weight Air on board.  This powerful rod is the best streamer rod I’ve ever thrown whether its casting one fly, two flies, or when allowed, even three flies at a time!  The overlooked power of this fly rod handles all my aggressive casting needs.  This not only includes chucking the multi fly rigs, but also handling fierce wind and when I need to cast far.

There’s another reason I need my 6-weight Air in the Explorer at all times – that’s because Idaho has outstanding fly fishing for carp.  Carp are one of North Americas toughest to catch customers.

The test of catching these buster species starts with a perfect presentation.  If you’re lucky enough to fool one then hang on tight.  A small carp is usually twice the size of a nice trout.  Your average carp is bigger than a New Zealand brown trout.  And the mirror carp I catch on Blackfoot Reservoir rival some of the heftiest carps in the world!  The 6-weight Air handles my carp fishing needs from start to finish.

During this Covid crisis I’ve fished around home more than I have in 20 years.  Indeed, my heart is craving for some salt or perhaps a trip to the jungle, but this home time is treating me well.  Be sure to check out my latest Idaho adventures on my blog at jeffcurrier.com and see what my favorite three rods have been getting me into.  No doubt my local fish can’t wait until “Currier” can travel far again!

Jeff Currier’s lifelong love of fly fishing has taken him to over 50 countries. He has caught over 300 species on the fly from both fresh and saltwater ranging from bumpies in the Red Sea to arapaima in Guyana and trout wherever they’re found. One of the most sought after speakers in fly fishing, Jeff brings a wealth of experience to Winston. Former fly shop manager. Well-known artist and author. Fly fishing skills instructor. Medalist at the World Fly Fishing Championships. The list goes on and on. He bought his first Winston over 30 years ago and we are thrilled to have him on board. Jeff’s home base is Victor, Idaho. Learn more at jeffcurrier.com