Larimer Microspey Movie

Winston Pro Advisor, Tom Larimer, will be leaving his home waters in Oregon to conduct Spey Casting Clinics throughout Montana. Tom Larimer is regarded as one of the foremost experts on Spey casting in the industry. He is passionate about helping anglers become better Spey casters making this the ultimate opportunity to learn and/or advance your spey techniques. Additionally, Tom is a product design consultant for the R.L. Winston Rod Company and the brainchild behind Winston’s Microspey series of rods. He also helped influence the BIII TH series making him incredibly versed in the action, terminology and methods of spey fishing. He will have the full line-up of Winston Spey rods for you to test-drive at the clinics, including the innovative new Boron III TH – MS Microspey rods. In addition to casting instruction, he will spend some time discussing Microspey techniques for trout.

April 4th – Grizzly Hackle, Missoula, Bitteroot River – 406-721-8996
April 5th – Frontier Angler, Dillon – Big Hole River – 406-683- 5276
April 11th – East Rosebud Fly & Tackle, Billings – Yellowstone River – 406-839-9397
April 12th- Montana Troutfitters, Bozeman – Madison River – 406-587-4707

Tom’s Spey Casting Clinics will include both beginner and intermediate/advanced classes. The beginner class focuses on developing fundamentals and a strong foundation in Spey casting. The intermediate/advanced class will focus on sophisticated casting concepts that will install sound fundamentals, improve distance and give you new tools to become a more versatile angler. Cost for the classes is $150 each, for more information, please contact the Winston Dealer hosting the Spey Casting Clinic you wish to attend.