An Early Fall in Twin

August cooled quickly and there is even some snow above 7500 feet. Our 11:00 AM tours have been filled each day with visitors from all over the world. Kevin and Adam host the tours, but only the English version!

We have good water for late in the season, and the Ruby has been running clear above the dam. We share the upper Ruby valley with elk camps that run all the way to Centennial Valley. Some serious bow hunters with wall tents, horses, and side by sides are good company for the overnight anglers in the beautiful upper valley. The cold nights bring good trout action after breakfast and then again in the evenings. We have every excuse to test the freshwater AIR and PURE rods in realistic conditions.

Visitors from Japan

Mr. Sasaki, the Manager of C & F, our Winston/Bauer Distributor in Japan, came to Twin Bridges this month.

He came particularly to fish the new PURE series with a special interest in the 5.9” #4 and the 6.6” #3. As an accomplished small stream aficionado, Mr. Sasaki quickly discovered Mill Creek in Sheridan and gave us a clinic on leader construction, casting techniques and navigating slippery rock stream beds in flip-flops.

The rainbows liked his action and he made quick success on each of four pools with four wild fish. The 6’6” was his preference to suit his custom leader and elk hair caddis. We all learned better how to fish our home creek.


He fished each day with Adam Hutchison, our customer service Rep, Jeff Evans, Manager of Bauer and finally with Annette McLean, our rod designer who ran some prototypes by him.

C&F is doing a great job with Winston and Bauer. With over 40 dealers in Japan, Winston Rods and Bauer Reels are a favorite in this expert market.

The 2019 Fly Fishing Show Schedule

It is never too early to start preparing for the winter show schedule. It is a long process to get the logistics scheduled, the booth updated and the rods and reels ready for the shows. Bauer and Winston will have full displays of all their 2019 product including the new AIR SALT and PURE rod series. We will be working with our Dealers and Pro Staff to
make sure there is plenty of booth support and product ready for market.

2019 Winston/Bauer Fly Fishing Show Schedule:

Denver, CO – January 4-6
Edison, NJ – January 18-20
Atlanta, GA – February 1-2
Pleasanton, CA – February 22-24
Lancaster, PA – March 9-10
Detroit, MI – March 9-10


Profile of Bauer and Jeff Evans

Barb and Carrie of Team Bauer

The Bauer manufacturing and assembly facility here in Twin Bridges is happy to report that they have a complete inventory of Bauer Reels. Jeff Evans, Bauer GM, has done a great job of coordinating with our longtime vendors and we have full inventory with a plan to keep stock rolling into the market. Each reel is precision manufactured and assembled by hand for the ultimate in quality control and performance.

Visit to see the full assortment of the finest reels made in the USA.






Winston/Bauer is Office Dog Friendly!

Beau, Jeff Evans (GM Bauer), Cody, Leslie Clark (Marketing), Max, Scott Forristall (CEO Winston/Bauer, Cayenne and Kona