Tom Morgan’s History at Winston

Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan 1941 – 2017.

It is with great sadness that we learned that our friend, Tom Morgan, former owner of the R.L. Winston Rod Company and one of the pioneers in graphite and bamboo fly rod design, died peacefully in Bozeman Montana on Monday June 12, 2017.

Tom was a great man, creative, generous, principled and passionate. In 1976, he moved Winston from San Francisco to Montana to be closer to great trout fishing. And even now, decades later, every fly rod we make continues to incorporate an element of Tom Morgan’s rod design philosophy that to be a great fly rod, it should be a joy to cast. But more than a talented angler and rod designer, Tom’s tremendous optimism, passion for life and resilience were inspiring. He was a role model, a generous and unfailingly supportive mentor, and a friend. We will miss him.

David Ondaatje
Owner and Chairman
R.L. Winston Rod Company


Bears, Baetis, and Bubbling Mud: Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park with Winston Pro Alice Owsley


First, coolers are loaded and day packs are stocked with necessary fishing gear and supplies like bear spray, raincoats, lunches, waters and extra cold drinks for the ride home. Well before we’re headed into Yellowstone, I always have at least three plans for the day based on the water conditions, desires of the clients and how much hiking they are interested in experiencing. With 2.2 million acres and 2,500 miles of running water, we have several options. If I have not visited a specific location within a week, I keep an eye on recent backcountry reports for the park, and even give the backcountry office a call to see if anything unusual has been reported at the local campsites. Once at the trailhead, we assess all possible scenarios that could affect the fishing. A recent bear in the area sign has sent us on an alternate plan more than once. (more…)

Report from St. Brandon’s Atoll – by Winston Pro Advisor Jeff Currier

Photo courtesy of  Gerhard Laubscher, FlyCastaway

Winter 2017 went by fast for me. Despite the heaps of snow, I was on the road at show after show and didn’t have time to notice. I love the shows and doing my fly fishing seminars but about the end of March it hits me – I need to chase fish somewhere warm!

I was yellowfishing with South African friends of FlyCastaway back in November before show season when they simply said, “Currier, we need to get you to St Brandon’s Atoll this April”.

I tried not to show it but I quivered with excitement. St Brandon’s is an atoll off the tiny island country of Mauritius. To be more specific, Mauritius is about 700 miles due east of Madagascar in the southern Indian Ocean. It’s about as far from Victor, Idaho as you can travel. The distance is shorter straight through the center of the earth because it’s our antipode.


How to Fish a Streamer with a Beadhead – Winston Pro Staffer Michael Stack


By Michael Stack


One of our favorite and most successful tactics for catching big trout is to add a dropper nymph off the back of your streamer. The “Bunny and a Beadhead” or “Dragging Junk” rig (as it’s affectionately known around the rivers of southwest Montana) is an easy way to entice strikes from trout that will engage and chase a streamer, but not eat it. Essentially, the streamer brings the trout to the party and the nymph trailing behind triggers the strike.


Introducing Winston Energy Saltwater Fly Lines

Winston Salt Energy Fly Lines photo

 WINSTON ENERGY SALTWATER FLY LINES. A new approach to fly line design.

Winston Energy Saltwater fly lines were designed utilizing an entirely new scientific approach and state of the art analytics to enhance the energy transfer between the rod and line. By measuring the dynamic characteristics of fly rods at various flex points, we’ve applied an engineered system to precisely design lines that are ideal for each rod weight. The result is a series of lines that perfectly match the performance characteristics of today’s fly rods, and provide anglers with optimized line control, accuracy and, most importantly, presentation. Available in WF 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 for Salt.