Weather Windows

After refilling my cup of coffee for the third time this morning, I sit back down on the couch and notice the view out the window hasn’t changed….not that I expected it to. Wind. Lots of it. Too much of it. The reality of my situation is inevitable. My Jon boat will remain on the trailer today. I shouldn’t be surprised though. A 50 degree day in April in Northern Michigan is almost always guaranteed to include a healthy dose of the big W.


Winston Pro Advisor Jeff Currier’s 3 Favorite Spring Flies


Spring fishing conditions in Idaho can be less than forgiving.  One day its cold and you want to stay home.  The next day it’s in the 50°s and you can’t wait to get out the door.  The bottom-line however, is you need to be geared up for either predicament because no matter what the conditions, fish can be caught.  You simply need to carry the right flies and get out.  Here’s a rundown on the three spring fly patterns I can’t live without. (more…)

Eric Neufeld’s All-Inclusive Guide to the new AIR TH

For decades, Winston has been revered and sought after as the rods that combine the right amount of feel and power in a two-handed rod. The blend of high modulus graphite, Boron and premium hardware have made these Green rods favored worldwide

New for this season we have the New Winston Air TH Series.  This new collection of rods encompasses the blend of Boron III technology, Super-Silica nano resign, high modulus graphite, flor grade cork and the high end components never to be seen before in a two-handed rod.  Winston, located in Twin Bridges Montana, is the only company to harness all these materials into a hand-crafted rod.

Brian Silvey and Michael White have worked in calibration with Annette McLean, Senior Rod Designer at Winston, to bring 10 new models to market.  Without a doubt, these rods have a distinction unto themselves. The feather weight feel is noticed by simply putting them together. The first shake of the rod gives the caster an indication of its sweet action. Like treasured rods of the past, the deeper deflection or “Winston Feel” is certainly apparent in the Air TH range. With this said, this by no means the action is “slow”. These rods have a wonderful observed load sensation, giving the caster enormous feel but with stunning recovery. This precise load gives the caster reference as to what is happening during the casting stroke. These reference points are important in anchor point set up, the swivel to the key position or forward stroke. The caster then can execute the cast purely on feel, allowing for tempo to be created in a natural way. The incredible light weight action is due to the Super Silica resin system, allowing for less swing weight. Air TH rod line weights are consistent in each family and are appropriate for their line designation.

Without further ado, introducing the all-new Air TH Family: (more…)

Wisconsin Smallmouth – Yeah, It’s Legit by Charlie Piette, Winston Pro Staff

Many people in the fly fishing world turn their noses up at Smallmouth Bass. And I get it. Like so many other fish, they’ve been introduced all over the country and often thrive in places they shouldn’t. Talk to a Lower Deschutes steelhead guide about bass and you are sure to get a pretty negative response. Trust me. I know from experience. But here in the great state of Wisconsin, smallmouth are a wild, native species. And they are finally receiving the national notoriety they deserve. (more…)

Sinking lines and Floating Shad – Fishing the White River by Matt Millner, Winston Pro Staff

Deep in Arkansas’s North Ozarks, a hard bottomed river known as the White runs clear and cold. This tailwater runs out of Bull Shoals Dam with flows that fluctuate between 780 and 30,000 cfs.

Anglers from all over the world have come to fish the White River this season. Each morning the boat ramps are lined with trucks and boat trailers, anglers are threading sinking lines through the eyes of their favorite streamer stick, and bucktail, marabou and stacked deer hair dangle from leaders as anglers prepare in the hope of turning a monster. (more…)