Boron TH Microspey

Trout Have Met
Their Two-Handed Match.

Winston Boron III TH

Our innovative BORON TH MICROSPEY rods combine the power of a Spey rod and the finesse of a trout rod to add a new and exciting dimension to the sport. Featuring Boron III technology, these fast action rods excel in a range of Two-Handed situations, from covering big, broad rivers to dealing with tree-lined banks or demanding weather. They have a specialized grip that feels more trout rod than Spey, use slightly larger chrome guides than typical trout rods, and come with a larger tiptop that allows for the larger diameter of the spey style lines.


Boron TH Microspey



Line (Grain Window) Length Grip Rod Price / Blank Price
3wt. (190-270 grains) 10’6″ TWO-HANDED $1099/ $550
4wt. (240-330 grains) 11′ TWO-HANDED $1099/ $550



Trout Have Just Met

Their Two-Handed Match.

  • Advanced Boron III technology, fast action
  • Two-Handed rods designed for trout fishing
  • Very lightweight, powerful — can generate very high line speeds
  • The new standard in every category for Two-Handed performance
  • Special Winston-designed Microspey Two-Handed grip
  • Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana

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Boron TH Microspey


  • Weights: 3wt and 4wt
  • Action: Fast
  • Sections: 4
  • GRIP: New Microspey two-handed grip
  • Guides: TiCH finished stripper guide with nanoplasma ring. Special chrome snake guides
  • Reel Seat: Anodized aluminum, downlocking
  • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with logo tech rod sock


  1. winston

    11’ 4wt

    “The 11’ 4wt Microspey is exactly what it is titled, a lightweight, easy casting, small spey rod that is amazing for targeting trout in the rivers we have here in Montana and throughout the west. This distinction in the title is clear because it is not just a light switch rod, or a short spey rod, it is a different rod altogether. It truly feels like a spey rod that was designed for catching trout and other smaller fish rather than just a little steelhead rod. I spent a good portion of the fall fishing this model with an Airflo Switch Streamer 4wt line and a 10’ poly leader and it was effortless to cast. Many smaller spey rods can get touchy and difficult to find the sweet spot in, which couldn’t be further from the truth with the Microspey series, and the 4wt in particular. Many of my fall days started with letting the river warm up then throwing the 4wt Microspey in the truck and driving down to our local bridge that has two swinging runs on both the upstream and downstream side, that can be fished from either bank (the prefect spot to practice all of my casts). I would already have my go to leader set up for fall streamer fishing before the brown trout spawn strung up, which was a 10’ heavy sink poly leader, about 3’ of 12lbs Flouro and a flashy streamer like a skiddish smolt or MP Shiner. The 4wt had absolutely no problem turning this rig over and yet maintained the flexibility to make even a 12’ trout enjoyable (and the bigger ones even better!). It serves a unique spot in my quiver as both a tactical tool for swinging trout out of some of our bigger rivers like the Madison and Missouri but also an excellent rod to get the kinks out with in the fall before I travel for steelhead season. The only thing I don’t like about the Microspey is that I didn’t have one for our Mother’s day caddis hatch last spring, because with a scandi line and a caddis emerger this rod will be a riffle crusher; something I cannot wait to try out here in a couple of months.”

    Joe Willauer:
    Winston Pro Staff

  2. winston

    11’ 4wt, 11’6” 5wt

    “Longer rods have played a big part in my tactics for deep water nymphing at Pyramid Lake here in Nevada. The longer rods allow for easier manipulation of long leaders and are most efficient for roll casts – I spend a lot of time fishing deep water with fly-eating obstructions impeding back casts.

    As efficient as longer rods have been for these types of tactics, the fallback for me, has been the loss in connection that occurs between angler and line throughout casting as well as the disconnect between angler and fish during the fight. The Winston Boron III TH Microspey rods have minimized this loss of connection without compromising power and efficiency (needed for casting into heavy winds and landing big fish). The Winston Microspeys have brought an entirely new and welcome element to trout fishing with spey rods. They provide an intimate, connected feel which enhances the fishing experience. If I were to pick 3 defining features of these rods, it would be powerful, smooth, and sleek. They cast like butter, flex with purpose, and look amazing.”

    Arlo Townsend: Winston Pro Staff

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