Trout have met their two-handed match

Our 3 and 4wt Microspeys combine the power of a Spey rod with the finesse of a trout rod to add an exciting dimension to the sport. These medium-fast rods excel in a range of situations that cover the requirements of swinging flies for trout. Use the 3wt for soft hackles, poly-leaders, and skating dry flies. The 4wt works great for heavier sink tips, bigger flies, and larger switch applications in stillwater fisheries. All rods come with our graphite tube and logo
rod sock.

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3wt, 10'6", Two Handed Aluminum$1,095.00 16
4wt, 11'0", Two Handed Aluminum$1,095.00 0


ACTION: Medium-fast.

GRIP DESIGN: 11” thin diameter Microspey grip. 3 ½” Small diameter bottom grip

REAL SEAT: Charcoal anodized aluminum with double downlocking aluminum rings.

GUIDES: TiCH finished stripper guide with nano plasma ring. Special chrome snake guides


STORAGE: Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock.

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA.

3wt: The perfect model for smaller water and swinging soft hackles, weightless flies, and skating caddis patterns.

4wt: Ideal for swinging heavier streamer patterns on heavier tips, and making longer casts on bigger trout water. Doubles as a great indicator rod on stillwater fisheries like Pyramid Lake in Nevada.


Advanced Boron III technology, fast action

Two-Handed Rods designed for trout fishing

Very lightweight, powerful — can generate very high line speeds

The New Standard in every category for Two-Handed performance

Special Winston-Designed Microspey Two-Handed grip

Customer Reviews

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David Hulsey
Winston Microspey 4 weight

Incredible Winston workmanship! What a beautiful tool for taking apart the river one swing at a time! True trout spey rod with a lovely smaller grip. It just makes a Skagit and Scandi line sing! All I can say is wow!

Joline Crosby


Arlo Townsend, Winston Pro Staff
1' 4wt, 11'6" 5wt

"Longer rods have played a big part in my tactics for deep water nymphing at Pyramid Lake here in Nevada. The longer rods allow for easier manipulation of long leaders and are most efficient for roll casts - I spend a lot of time fishing deep water with fly-eating obstructions impeding back casts. As efficient as longer rods have been for these types of tactics, the fallback for me, has been the loss in connection that occurs between angler and line throughout casting as well as the disconnect between angler and fish during the fight. The Winston Boron III TH Microspey rods have minimized this loss of connection without compromising power and efficiency (needed for casting into heavy winds and landing big fish). The Winston Microspeys have brought an entirely new and welcome element to trout fishing with spey rods. They provide an intimate, connected feel which enhances the fishing experience. If I were to pick 3 defining features of these rods, it would be powerful, smooth, and sleek. They cast like butter, flex with purpose, and look amazing."