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As great today as it was when first offered

Tom Morgan was the owner and rod designer at Winston from 1973 to 1991. Tom grew up fishing the spring creeks of Montana for wary brown trout, where delicate casts and perfect presentations were mandatory. In 1989, he designed a 4-weight for those exact conditions and named it the “Tom Morgan Favorite.” Over 30 years later, we still offer this exceptional rod, as it reflects Tom’s belief that “a great fly rod is always a great fly rod.” TMF rods come with a powder coated aluminum tube and logo rod sock.

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4wt, 8' 0" 2pc Cigar, Wood$995.008


ACTION: Medium-Slow.

GRIP DESIGN: 6.5” cigar.

REEL SEAT: Figured Tiger Maple with uplocking Nickel Silver hardware.

GUIDES: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome snake guides.


STORAGE: Powder Coated Green Aluminum Tube and Logo Rod Sock.

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA.

4wt: Designed to be extra light, the TMF is perfect for those close to mid-range distances where delicacy, finesse, and accuracy are essential to successfully fishing the world’s most technical trout water.


All Graphite with classic WT spigot ferrule design

Incredibly Smooth with wonderful touch and feel

Extra Light 4-Weight, perfect for spring creek fishing

Winston Progressive tapers

Customer Favorite since 1989

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Sullivan
TMF Review

Excellent 4wt fly rod. Perfect for throwing dry flies on smaller streams, or smaller lakers. A little slower action than the Pure, but has superb feel at reasonable distances (15-30 feet is the real sweet spot).

Definitely a fun little stick. 10/10, would recommend!

Greg Morrett
Winston Tradition

The WT action, I believe is the finest casting rod that Winston has made. I have two five weight WT‘s, one six weight, and now I am the proud owner of the Tom Morgan favorite four weight WT. Coupled with a double taper light line four weight this rod performs exactly as it was designed to do. Presentation of a small dry fly with the ability to tie on a hopper dropper, If you have to, make this rod a joy to fish with in many different conditions. Thank you Tom Morgan.

Lawrence LaRocque
It’s the middle of winter!

Too early to tell…I still have a 4 weight line that’s backordered.

Patrick Vollendorf
Best Dry Fly Rod on the Planet

The Tom Morgan favorite is hands down the best dry fly rod on the planet. I have owned and fished with this rod for over twenty years and still gleam with excitement each time I fish the TMF. This eight foot four weight is delicate yet powerful. It has the backbone to enable an angler the ability to bounce size six Stoneflies off canyon walls. It also has enough finesse and delicate touch to deliver size 22 Tricos to feeders in the foam. Fishing the TMF make a day on the water all the better. This is a rod every trout angler should own and like every Winston rod - it has soul.