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This flagship series covers your 3wt. thru 6wt needs and has earned rave reviews from shop owners, guides, and anglers. Utilizing boron technology, AIR 2 rods make beautiful, accurate casts at long and short distances and have exceptional feel. The 3 and 4wts are superb dry and light nymph rods, while the 5 and 6wts are true all-arounders that can do everything from small dries to double nymphs to streamers. All rods come with our graphite tube and logo rod sock.

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3wt, 8' 6", 4pc Cigar/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.005
3wt, 9' 0", 4pc Cigar/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.0019
4wt, 8' 6", 4pc Cigar/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.000
4wt, 9' 0", 4pc Cigar/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.005
4wt, 9' 6", 4pc Full Wells/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.0010
5wt, 8’6”, 4pc Cigar/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.000
5wt, 9' 0", 4pc Cigar/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.000
5wt, 9' 6", 4pc Full Wells/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.000
6wt, 9' 0", 4pc Cigar/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.000
6wt, 9' 6", 4pc Full Wells/Burled wood and nickel silver$1,195.000



GRIP: 6.5″ cigar

REEL SEAT: Figured Box Elder with uplocking Nickel Silver hardware.

GUIDES: Light wire, hard chrome ECO slick coated shooting guides.


STORAGE: Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA

3wt: Ideal dry fly and light nymph rods for small streams that require accurate, delicate presentations.

4wt: Delicate yet powerful, these 4 weights are perfect for small stream fishing and big water dry fly presentations to educated trout.

5wt: Unmatched versatility across any freshwater applications. Dry fly, nymph, streamer, or indicator – these 5 weights do it all.

6wt: The answer for windy day hoppers, cloudy day streamers, nymph droppers, and bigger water across the globe


Evolved Taper Design provides a faster, progressive all-around action. Extremely light, yet powerful.

Next Generation S-2000 High Modulus Graphite material for faster recovery speed and smoothness.

Advanced Boron/Graphite Configuration for enhanced power and energy transfer.

Winston-designed Cigar Grip for better “feel” through the casting stroke.

Custom HSR (High Strain Rate) Resin yields an even faster recovery rate that adds a modern feel, is more durable, and provides greater part strength and less weight.

Smaller Profile Light Wire Shooting Snake Guides feature new ECO slick coating and a Round Helix geometry that reduces line friction and produces added energy, accuracy, and distance management.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Watts
Air 2 9' 4 wt

An owner of Winston WT, B2X and B3X rods, I didn’t think there could be much improvement until I cast the 4 wt Air 2. I was sold. It's light, crisp, has that special Winston feel as you cast it, and with more power. Most of all, it performs incredibly well, which makes it fun to fish with.

Dean Tracy


Dylan McMurdie
Air 2 4wt

I love this rod. I'm a bit of a gear junkie and have cast my fair share of rods from various companies but winston definitely leads in my books. The feel and accuracy within the Air 2 is spectacular. The slightest nibble on your fly in the water and you'll feel it. The rod is strong enough to handle large trout and delicate enough to make the little guys fun to catch as well. Casting is buttery and smooth as long as you don't throw flies that cause too much drag. If I were to buy it again I'd go with the 5wt for sure. I wish I could afford it but even saying that I feel like I'm cheating on my 4wt... but go with the 5wt if you ever want to cast streamers or dry dropper setups. It's also durable, I care extremely well for my blanks but 2 weeks ago I went down into the river with a heavy rock slide. My rod survived but every section now has substantial scratches, as do my arms and legs. Those scars now remind me every day of how much I rather be fishing with my Air 2!

Jesse Males
Awesome Sauce

Great for nymphing and small streamers but also rad enough to throw dry flies.

It's more than a fly rod.....

This is more of a magic wand than it is a fishing rod. It 'casts' every spell I want it to, perfectly.