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Designed with the help of renowned spey caster Brian Silvey, AIR TH rods were tested on the most challenging steelhead, salmon, and sea-run brown trout fisheries in the world. Powerful, lightweight, and responsive, they are regarded as “the choice” for serious two-handed angling. AIR TH rods are available in variety of weights and lengths to cover all casting styles and the full spectrum of Skagit and Scandi grain windows. All come with our graphite tube and logo rod sock.

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5wt, 12'0", 4pc, Two handed spey, aluminum$1,495.0013
6wt, 12'6", 4pc, Two handed spey, aluminum$1,495.000
6wt, 13'3", 4pc, Two handed spey, aluminum$1,495.005
7wt, 12'3", 4pc, Two handed spey, aluminum$1,495.005
7wt, 13'3", 4pc, Two handed spey, aluminum$1,495.006
8wt, 13'3", 4pc, Two handed spey, aluminum$1,495.0020
8wt, 14'6", 4pc, Two handed spey, aluminum$1,495.005
9wt, 12'9", 4pc, Two handed spey, aluminum$1,495.006


ACTION: Medium-Fast.

GRIP DESIGN: 13” spey grip with 4 ½ inch bottom grip. 12’ 5wt get 11’ Microspey grip width.

REEL SEAT: Charcoal Gray anodized lightweight aluminum with double downlocking aluminum rings.

GUIDES: Satin finished stripper guide with Silicon Nitride ring. Hard chrome snake guides.


STORAGE: Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock.

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA.

5wt: Anglers needing a crossover rod for trout and light steelhead should consider this for their summer steelhead and big trout river needs. Tip recommendations: 10 feet of T8 – T10, 10’ poly leaders

6wt: Built in 12’6” and 13’3” tapers, both offer a lighter touch for steelhead. The classic 12’6” adds versatility to both Skagit and dry line applications. The 13’3’ is the perfect winter steelhead rod, that can get smaller flies in the strike zone. Tip recommendations: 10 feet of T8 – T10, 10’ poly leaders

7wt: The 12’3” model lends itself to tight spots and heavy tips on smaller steelhead water and our classic 13’3” taper, is arguably the most versatile spey rod ever created. Tip recommendations: T8-14 10’-12’

8wt: These powerful 8 weights appeal to 2 different fishing applications. The 13’3” appeals to the shorter Skagit and Scandi lines and tips. The 14’6” is our traditional long-belly option for fishing greased lines, or longer Scandinavian shooting heads. Tip Recommendations: T10-14, 10-14’

9wt: An amazingly light and responsive rod but built with extra power to handle giant king salmon. This rod casts the big flies on heavy Skagit lines needed to land the most powerful fish that swim from the ocean into the river. Tip Recommendations: T12-18, 10-12’


Advanced Boron III Technology combined with our proprietary SuperSilica lightweight resin system

Extremely Light, yet powerful and responsive

Deep Loading Action with a fast recovery rate

Standardized Rod Lengths across multiple grain windows to support any casting style

Winston-Designed Grip for better “feel”

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jim Wigington
Incredible Spey Rod

The TH Air 5 wt is a joy to cast. Wonderful feel but easy to make long casts. This is a perfect rod for Northern California steelhead streams.

Sean Serrano
Rocket launcher.

The air 2th is buttery smooth with endless power. Effortlessly throw bombs and fight big wild fish.

Bruce Williams
Air TH5 is alive!

The 5-weight Air TH 5 is a casting dream. Winston rod designers have found just the right combination of weightlessness and power emanating from deep within the cork.

Tyler Graff, Lost Coast Outfitters
Winston 12' 5wt Air TH

This rod is a must for any steelheader in Northern California, Southern Oregon, or other locales with smaller Summer run fish. It's buttery smooth when casting traditional flies on a Scandi line and can handle small weighted tips and a bead head fly if you're trying to get down to them later in the season. The flex and feel on this rod is perfect and there's plenty of fighting power to control fish in that 5-7lb range. When you get this thing out on the river, you'll be impressed with how responsive it is and how easily it shoots line. If you haven't cast lighter Spey rods yet, this is the one to get! This rod isn't just for swinging flies either, it doubles as a great indicator rod on bigger western rivers and can put in work for Lahontan Cutthroat out at Pyramid Lake. It goes without saying, as with all Winston rods, the details, finishing, and cork are all impeccable. I already want a second one of these rods and it'll be a mainstay in my quiver for years to come!

Jordan Taylor, The Fly Shop, Inc.
AIR TH 13'3" 8 wt. Spey Rod

I used the Air TH 13'3" 8 wt. spey rod as my all around rod for a full summer of guiding salmon in Alaska and it was a great workhorse for me. The 13'3" length gives you the ability to reach across the widest parts of the river and still execute casts in tight areas with brush where you can't wade too deep. I paired it up with Scientific Anglers 570 grain skagit head and their 42 pound flat mono running line. It had no problem turning over 10' of T-18 to dredge the higher water for Chinook's, and great versatility with T-10/14 as the water dropped for big Coho's on the far bank. This rod is a great option for all of my salmon fishing and doubles for big coastal steelhead.