For big flies, big lines, and big fish

These fast-action rods were specifically designed to cast heavy and oversized lines, as well as large, bulky and weighted flies. Unlike other fast action rods in the category, the Alpha+ series (5-10wt) load deeper and recover faster to access extra reserve power in the lower sections, minimizing false casts and maximizing lifting strength. Use the 5, 6 and 7wts for large trout and warmwater species, the 8 and 9wts for stripers, pike, and jungle species like golden dorado and peacock bass, and the over-built 10wt for musky, tarpon, and other big-time fish. All rods come with our graphite tube and logo rod sock.

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Rod ModelPriceStockQuantity 
5wt, 9'0", 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt$995.00 26
6wt, 9'0", 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt$995.00 20
7wt, 9'0", 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt$995.00 0
8wt, 9'0", 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt$995.00 0
9wt, 9'0", 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt$995.00 0
10wt, 9'0", 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt$995.00 5


ACTION: Very Fast.

GRIP: 7″ full wells. 1 ½” Fighting Butt.

REEL SEAT: Light Olive anodized aluminum with double uplocking aluminum rings.

GUIDES: Hard chrome oversized shooting guides with chrome nanolite stripping guides. Oversized tiptop.


STORAGE: Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock.

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA

5wt: Our fastest 9’ 5 weight, this rod will easily turn over large dry-dropper rigs, trout sized streamers, and larger indicator rigs.

6wt: This rod was designed for meat eating trout and bass: think mice patterns in Kamchatka, full sink tips and double articulated bugs on the Yellowstone, fast pocket water in Patagonia, and poppers and divers in the mid-west.

7wt: Designed to shoot big streamers with over-sized lines and yields the power to turn giant large trout, bass, and salmon to the net.

8wt: From silver salmon in Alaska, Red fish in the South, Stripers in the Northeast, and many other species, this fast 8 weight will cast and lift any aggressive sinking line to get your flies in front the world’s most powerful fish.

9wt: Our reinforced Alpha+ 9wt rods are built to cast oversized lines, humongous flies, and showcase extra power to pull aggressive fish like peacock bass and golden dorado away from leader snapping structure.

10wt: Our Alpha+ 10 weight focuses specifically on casting big lines with foot-long flies. From Tarpon, GTs, and King Salmon, this rod has the power to turn the world’s most powerful fish.


Highest Performance boron/graphite composite materials

Exceptionally Powerful, capable of generating high line speeds

Designed to Cast Big Flies, heavy lines, shooting heads and sinking tips

Extra Reinforced Ferrules for ultimate lifting power

Designated Grain Windows for each rod model

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
isaiah Gross
Great rod!!! The 6 wt - Cannot say enough about it.

I fish the Alpha Plus 6 wt. on big Wyoming water, in big Wyoming wind. The rod is sick! I fished long weighted nymph rigs and hopper-droppers on this rod, and it performs like a champ. It is great if you like fast action rods with a backbone. I let a client fish this rod last weekend, and despite the 15-25 mph wind, he was able to get the fly where it needed to be all day. He went back home and bought one right away.

Jack Altekruse
A real rocket

Casts to 70-90 feet so easily. Love it.

Capt. Tom Stocks
6&7 Wt Alpha

Just returned from north Patagonia and two weeks of throwing bigs streamers in extreme windy conditions. Both rods were perfect in these conditions throwing heavy sinking lines and big flys…Could not be happier with them !



Chris Martin
Best Experience

My first shot with this rod rewarded me with a 30” redfish. The shot was 3 foot from the bow of skiff. The rod load super fast allowing me the opportunity.