Winston PURE

Pure feel.
Pure presentation.
For those who prefer to fish with a light touch.

Winston Pure

Perhaps the greatest dry fly rods we have ever made.

When you daydream of delicate presentation trout fishing, where does your mind wander off to? Some might imagine casting yellow humpies, stimulators, and Royal Wulffs on their favorite freestones.

Some might imagine undercut banks, beaver ponds, and giggling riffles on a secret cutthroat “crick.” Some might imagine a large pod of picky spring creek rainbows dimpling PMDs on a slow-moving current’s surface.

If these are your daydreams, we encourage you to explore our all-new PURE series of trout rods.


Winston Pure






Line Length Grip Rod Price / Blank Price
2wt. 7′ CIGAR $895 / $438
3wt. 6’6″ CIGAR $895 / $438
3wt. 7’6″ CIGAR $895 / $438
4wt. 7’6″ CIGAR $895 / $438
4wt. 8′ CIGAR $895 / $438
4wt. 8’6″ CIGAR $895 / $438
4wt. 9′ CIGAR $895 / $438
5wt. 9′ CIGAR $895 / $438

Pure 2wt: The lightest, most delicate rod we make. Meant for happy-go-lucky streams, this rod perfectly casts microscopic dry flies on the lightest tippet, and bends to the butt section with the weight of a 7” brook trout.

Pure 3wt: Fun rods meant for small stream fishing. From the ultra-short 6’6” version to the 7’6″, these 3 weights will accommodate any small stream or extremely delicate presentation that an angler requires.

Pure 4wt: If you’re obsessed with feeding small flies to picky fish, our selection of 4 weight PUREs will be the perfect tools for presenting these specific patterns during heavy hatches. These rods blend accuracy, delicacy, and fish fighting strength. Think any spring creek from Paradise Valley, Montana, to the world renowned Driftless area in Wisconsin.

Pure 5wt: Anglers that prefer a traditional progressive action for most of their trout fishing needs, will love our selections of 5 weight Pures. There’s plenty of room for a variety of fishing applications, from dry fly fishing on bigger western rivers, to light nymphing and small streamers. If you’re a fan of our older IM6 and WT models, the 5 weight PURE will provide the classic Winston feel in a taper that adds more accuracy and line control.


Winston Pure


For those who prefer to fish with a light touch.

  • Advanced Boron III light line rods
  • Moderate action with quick recovery that will allow for open loops required for fine dry fly presentation
    along with the ability to generate faster line speed as required for different conditions
  • True Winston progressive action
  • Slim profile with fine grip and guide configurations for better connection to the rod
  • Proprietary design puts presentation and tippet protection as the first priority
  • Ideal for light nymph and dry fly fishing applications.
  • Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT

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Winston Pure


  • Weights: 2 thru 5wt
  • ACTION: Medium
  • Guides: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome plated, light wire snake guides
    REEL SEAT: Nickel Silver with figured Maple insert
  • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock


  1. winston

    8’ 4wt PURE

    The Winston 8′ 4 weight Pure matched with the Winston Energy Line is a perfect combination. Everything you could want in a 4 weight is here. Accurate gentle presentations, the ability to turn over long leaders and light tippet protection. While short distance casts are done with ease there is no problem in picking up your line and immediately going out to 50 or 60 feet. A big trout? No problem here. There is still plenty of backbone to handle larger fish with ease.

    Gary Frankowski: Winston Pro Staff

  2. winston

    9’ 5wt PURE

    An absolutely spectacular rod. There are not a lot of rods that I can cast either right or left-handed, but I can grab this rod and cast either way – it will cast for anybody. If you’re looking to fill your quiver with your all-around go-to trout rod that can either cast a tiny Adams or a fairly large streamer, the 9’ 5wt PURE should be in the conversation.

    Joe Rotter: Red’s Fly Shop, Ellensburg, WA

  3. winston

    9′ 5wt PURE

    The 9′ 5wt Pure was the trickiest rods to get dialed in for fly lines. It wasn’t that the rod was lack luster or cast funny, it was the fact that rod was surprisingly good at the short game and finesse while still having the guts to put some muscle and speed into it for distance. After trying five different fly lines on it we ultimately settled for the Scientific Anglers Trout Taper, a perfect solution for being able to throw short and long shots. A fun 5wt rod for those that aren’t into the more common fast action fly rods and want a rod that performs well at “trout distance”.

    Sean Visintainer: Silver Bow Fly Shop, Spokane WA

  4. winston

    9’ 4wt PURE

    A great all-around rod, the 9’ 4wt PURE is perfect for Western, open river environments when you want a light line to set down dry flies or use a light nymphing set-up. The loop control on this rod is really amazing, you can throw a tight loop or a big loop, you can cast slow or fast – it’s friendly and forgiving and can cast a good distance with no problem. A hopper out of a boat on this rod would be exquisite.

    Joe Rotter: Red’s Fly Shop, Ellensburg, WA

  5. winston

    9’ 4wt Winston PURE

    I must say, this 9′ 4wt PURE is “me”. Totally in love from first swing. This will be my new “go to” rod on almost every trout fishing trip I guess. I’ll make excuses all the time to bend this beauty. And what a nymphing/shortline strobing upstream fishing pockets this is. I hate to say this: my new favorite !!

    Stig Vivelid-Nilssen: Winston Pro Staff

  6. winston

    8’6” 4wt PURE

    As the only one on staff with the experience ( I’m old ok ) to speak to this, let me offer this insight on the new Pure series. After casting the 8.5′ 4 weight I stated ” This is Charles Kuralt Winston “. Now some of you guys that are still on the right side of dirt know what that means . My colleagues were a little baffled.

    This rod series harkens back to the day when R.L. Winston made the finest progressive action fly rods known to man. When Charles Kuralt did their promos. When they only made so many rods a year. Only now it’s better.

    It tracks like a fly rod should , straight and true. It doesn’t dampen in an s curve , so your cast won’t hinge beyond 35 feet. In fact , at distance it comes alive. That’s right, a progressive action fly rod that casts strong for distance. This rod series epitomizes every ounce of experience and knowledge that has ever graced the floor at Winston. Man does it show.

    Jake Hood: Guide, Silver Bow Fly Shop

  7. winston

    8’6” 4wt PURE

    The 8’6″ 4wt – Pure was an absolute blast. Easily the unanimous favorite from the staff. Incredibly smooth, like I don’t even know how to describe the smoothness of this 4wt. From tip to butt, the 4wt Pure was easily the silkiest 4wt any of us had laid our hands on. Think small to medium streams and dry fly presentation like you have never experienced.

    Sean Visintainer: Silver Bow Fly Shop, Spokane WA

  8. winston

    7’6” 3wt PURE

    The 3wt – Pure is a small creek specialists dream. Ultra smooth, with a lot of feel. 6″ brook trout beware! This would be a fun rod on tributaries to the St. Joe or NF Coeur d’Alene where small cutthroats roam. Easy casting and excelled at short range. A nice feature to the grip on the 3wt (and other Pure models) was that it was appropriately sized for the rod in both length and weight. Just right was the words I’d use.

    Sean Visintainer: Silver Bow Fly Shop, Spokane WA

  9. winston

    PURE Series

    The PURE is a really special, really sweet, really smooth new series of trout rods from Winston. It has a moderately fast action that is going to allow you to be extremely versatile on the trout stream… But where this rod really shows its soul is when you lengthen the leader, put on a small dry fly and start fishing to that rising trout in the evening and the low light.

    Lost Coast Outfitters: Winston Dealer, San Francisco CA

  10. winston

    PURE Series

    Fly fishing is a combination of many art forms. In this product the art of dry fly fishing comes together with the art of rod making to create the fly fishers equivalent of “Pure” satisfaction. Aptly named, Winston has delivered a true winner with this one.

    Landon Mayer: Winston Pro Advisor

  11. winston

    A Rod with Soul

    Winston went out and did some soul-searching, and then developed a rod with soul. It’s the rod you imagine when you think of classic Winston. Genuine feel. Medium action. Gorgeous aesthetics. This isn’t a casting rod; it’s a fishing rod, meant to enhance all aspects of what go into fishing (including casting).

    You’ll immediately feel it when you pick it up with its scaled-down grip. Not cheaper-smaller… smarter smaller… you hand goes where your hand belongs, right within the margins. You feel the flex in the butt section as you cast. You see the pinpoint accuracy as you make the casts. The guides line up tightly with the blank, which keeps the line close and true to the mark. It’s a pleasure to cast, and made for technical presentations, dry-fly situations. In other words, it’s the rod you would choose to fish on your “happy-perfect” days. Every angler has her/his own preferences and casting style, but in our opinion this is the most “landmark” rod Winston has made in several years. It’s the one we’ll be talking about 10 years from now.

    Kirk Deeter: Angling Trade Magazine

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