Dry fly and delicate presentation rods

The PURE series (2-5wt) won IFTD’s Best of Show for freshwater rods in 2018, and for good reason: The ability of these medium-action rods to present flies in a delicate and accurate manner is unmatched, making them perfect for technical waters like the Henry’s Fork, spring creeks and backcountry beaver ponds filled with wary brookies. The 2 and 3wts are perfect for small streams, while the 4 and 5wts are ideal for larger rivers and fish that still require a light touch. All rods come with our graphite tube and logo rod sock.

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2wt, 7'0", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$995.000
3wt, 6'6", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$995.001
3wt, 7'6", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$995.000
4wt, 7' 6", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$995.0022
4wt, 8'0", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$995.0035
4wt, 8'6", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$995.001
4wt, 9'0", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$995.0011
5wt, 9'0", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$995.0018


ACTION: Medium.

GRIP DESIGN: 6” cigar.

REEL SEAT: Tiger Maple Reel Seat with uplocking Nickel Silver hardware.

GUIDES: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome plated, light wire snake guides.


STORAGE: Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock.

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA.

2wt: Meant for casting microscopic dry flies on the lightest tippet, and bends into the butt section with the weight of a small trout.

3wt: Fun rods meant for small stream fishing. From the ultra-short 6’6” version to the 7’6″, these 3 weights will excel at any small stream or extremely delicate presentation.

4wt: If you’re obsessed with feeding small flies to picky fish, our selection of 4 weight PUREs blend accuracy, delicacy, and fish fighting strength. Think any spring creek from Paradise Valley, Montana, to the world renowned Driftless area in Wisconsin.

5wt: From dry fly fishing on bigger western rivers, to light nymphing and small streamers the 5 weight PURE will provide the classic Winston feel in a taper that adds more accuracy and line control.


Advanced Boron III light line rods

Moderate Action with Quick Recovery that will allow for open loops required for fine dry fly presentation along with the ability to generate faster line speed as required for different conditions

True Winston progressive action

Slim Profile with fine grip and guide configurations for better connection to the rod

Proprietary Design puts presentation and tippet protection as the first priority

Ideal for Light Nymph and dry fly fishing applications.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
8.5 foot 4 weight Pure

Best spring creek rod made

Derek Liebich
Awesome Rod

Bought this to be my high end 5wt. And it is perfect. Really great on relieving the load when fighting fish.

Lance Nelson
Favorite 5 weight

Having a 5 weight that loads well at close range and has the ability to stretch in large flat water can be hard to find. The 905 pure gives me and my customers a world of versatility when it comes to fishing the Au Sable River in Grayling, MI. It is a staple in my quiver in May and June. Possibly the best brown drakin' stick in Winston's lineup for the 5 weight aficionado, as it just kicks butt on those short range night time casts.

Mac Noble

I use the Pure for hunting big trout with light tippet. Watching trout slurp tricos is a sight to see! Long cast with a long leader dropping the fly a foot in front of their nose is easy with the Pure. Power when I need it and a soft tip to protect a light tippet with a small fly. It’s everything I was looking for in a fly rod!

Todd Kramer
Style and grace

7’6” 3wt. Is an amazing small to medium water rod. If having the ability to turn over longer leaders for even more delicate presentations with micro dries is important then you’ve found the rod. The pure is performance and touch all in one bad **** package.