Boron III LS


Winston Boron II LS

Advanced Boron technology. Incredible feel. The medium-fast action of these rods is lively and responsive, and allows anglers to delicately present flies with pinpoint accuracy in challenging spring creek or flat-water situations.


Boron III LS



Line Length Grip Rod Price / Blank Price
2wt. 7′ CIGAR $795 / $398
3wt. 7’6″ CIGAR $795 / $398
3wt. 8′ CIGAR $795 / $398
3wt. 8’6″ CIGAR $795 / $398
4wt. 8′ CIGAR $795 / $398
4wt. 8’6″ CIGAR $795 / $398
4wt. 9′ CIGAR $795 / $398
5wt. 8’6″ CIGAR $795 / $398
5wt. 9′ CIGAR $795 / $398


The New Benchmark

For Light Line Rods.

  • Advanced Boron III light line rods
  • Medium-fast action with “Winston Feel”
  • Proprietary design facilitates delicate, precise presentations
  • Ideal for spring creeks, small streams and technical water
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT

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  • Weights: 2wt. thru 5wt.
  • Action: Medium-fast
  • Sections: 4
  • Guides: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/
    chrome plated, light wire snake guides
  • Reel Seat: Nickel Silver with burled wood insert
  • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with logo rod sock

8 reviews for Boron III LS

  1. winston

    9′ 5wt

    “The Boron III LS is Winston’s new high-end, light line 5-weight, which means that if you’re a fan of the good folks from Twin Bridges, Montana, this may well be the rod you’ve been waiting for. As you’ve probably guessed, this particular Winston is smooth, accurate and a true pleasure to cast. But it goes beyond that. If I had to pick one word to describe the BIII LS, it would be “sublime.” This beauty offers a rare combination of delicacy, precision and finesse, yet with enough power to push a cast into a steady breeze or sling a hopper right up against the bank. If you have a passion for throwing handsome loops to rising trout, and if you want a rod that offers the ultimate in both pleasure and performance, I’d suggest you take a look at this particular Winston 5-weight. In my admittedly subjective opinion, it’s as good as it gets.”

    Todd Tanner: Fly Fishing Columnist, Sporting Classics Magazine

  2. winston

    8’6″ 4wt

    “I have fished almost all my life. From the time I could pick up a tackle box and fish in the local city park until now at the age of 72. Still fly fishing almost once a week or more year round, I’m always looking for that perfect rod for each piece of water. I live in an area of the country where we have many spring creeks and smaller rivers. That’s where my Winston LS’s rods really shine. They are very fishable rods that you can feel load and unload. The thing that surprised me was how versatile these rods are at casting larger flies, playing larger fish (without running out of rod) and lifting more line off the water than I thought possible with a light line rod. All while providing great feel playing small fish and large fish alike. They are also very good at protecting light tippets which sometimes become necessary to attract large, spooky fish.

    So if you are looking for a rod that’s fun to cast and fun to fish, I would ask you to check out the Winston LS series of rods.”

    Jack Birkner: Winston Sales Rep

  3. winston

    “For a long time Winston has produced trout rods that have a full flexing profile, catering to the angler who revels in the cast, the presentation and the simplicity of a single dry fly. As our sport has grown, fly-fishing with a single dry fly has slowly been pushed aside in response to the various creative ways anglers have engineered to catch fish with a fly rod. It’s not that the single dry fly doesn’t catch fish anymore, but precise overhead casts, well timed mends and delicate presentations are not the name of the game for many modern fly fishers. Finding a fly rod that loads in close with a dry fly, can turn over a light nymph rig and that can efficiently present a dry-dropper or small bugger is not an easy task, and I believe that the BIII LS fly rod is the first trout rod in the Winston line up that fits into this diverse category.

    The Winston BIII LS fly rod has backbone. The BIII LS features Boron III technology which reduces weight throughout the length of the rod while still providing sensitivity, quick response and power throughout the cast. The LS tracks well with little recoil, even when making longer casts. I love this Winston rod for places like Silver Creek and the Henry’s Fork where mornings are calm and the afternoons are blustery. The fish don’t care that the wind came up, but they do care when your fly is dragging from a badly executed cast or drift. Being able to battle through the breeze and be confident that your equipment can handle what nature throws at you during your day on the water lets you focus on finding that next fish and making an edible presentation. Big fish, small flies and light tippet. Need I say more? For me, it’s about the process. The Winston LS excels in precise casting situations long or short with fish of all sizes, but its ability to protect tippet and put the wood to fish during big runs, fierce head shakes and tough landings is unlike any other rod in the Winston line up.”

    Asher Koles: Bloodknots Fly Fishing, Winston Pro Staff

  4. winston

    7’ 2wt

    “When you think about fishing a seven foot, two weight you think of tiny brook trout streams choked with mountain laurel and brightly colored four inch fish. I love those fish and that kind of fishing, and the B3-LS is perfect for it. The truth is, I only get to do that a couple of days a year and I’ll use the 2 weight, but that’s not why I wanted it. I wanted a super delicate dry fly rod that would give me the ultimate in feel.

    I wanted to feel the line in the air, and on the water. I wanted to feel the fish like never before. I wanted presentations that fell as soft as shadows. I got all of that. But I got some things I didn’t expect as well. To be honest, I expected the tiny rod to make me work. I expected it to be willowy, soft and slow. I expected distance to be limited, mending to be a challenge, and wind to be completely out of the equation. Boy was I wrong.

    The 2 weight B3-LS is a precision casting tool. Astounding in its accuracy, surprising in its distance. Thrilling in its ability to make tight, energetic loops. Magical in its mending ability. The action is crisp and lively. Matched with a Scientific Anglers Mastery, Trout Dry Tip DT line it’s a joy to cast. Any rise ring within fifty feet is yours.

    Once I cast this rod, it quickly found its way off those tiny mountain streams. I simply wasn’t willing to put it back in the rod rack. It started going on the drift boat for sipping pods of selective fish. It started showing up on heavily pressured, catch and release streams with educated fish. It eventually showed up on notorious big fish streams, punching well above its weight. Scandalous, but so much fun!

    Louis Cahill:

  5. winston

    9’ 4wt

    “When it comes to trout fishing you’ll find me stalking spring creeks hunting for risers. This means small dry flies on a long leader with light tippet. The Winston 4-weight Boron III LS is my fly rod of choice. This rod has perfect feel and provides me incredible accuracy – the exact precision needed to place a fly to a trout that won’t budge from his lie. My fly line lands on the water ever so gently and when the trout sips my fly the finesse rod absorbs the shock of my hook set and protects my light tippet. There’s no better fly rod for fooling large stubborn trout on challenging spring creeks than Winston’s 4-weight Boron III LS.”

    Jeff Currier: Winston Pro Advisor

  6. winston

    9’ 5wt

    “I took my 9 ft. five weight LS on a recent trip to Patagonia. I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years and know all too well how hard the Argentine winds can be on slower action fly rods. But I knew the LS would be the perfect stick for the spooky fish on a small spring creek outside San Martin. It has a softer tip which helps land the fly soft without having to decelerate your stroke, making accuracy easier. It wasn’t long before it was put to the test. A 19 inch brown was holding in the first pool we came to. After a few refusals and fly changes, I was able to fool the trout with a Dave’s Hopper. The LS handled the fish well- a good mix of tippet protection and just enough backbone to keep the fish out of the weeds and snags.

    Later in the day, I flipped a cast in a pool on the off chance there was a fish under the cut bank. The hopper hit the water and it wasn’t a second later that I saw a gigantic brown slide out of the undercut and start a long stalk on my fly. The fish took the fly, I set the hook, and it was game on. He immediately ran back under the bank I was standing on into the cover of the undercut and all the snags it held. I quickly shed my pack and slid down the 5 foot vertical bank into the river so that I could pull him back out of the bank.

    A few short doggie paddles and I was standing on the other side of creek, leaning on the LS with all my might to pull the fish out of the snags. Miraculously he came out still attached to my line (thank you flurocarbon!)! He jumped a few times and after a few more minutes of struggle I had him at my side. The fish wasn’t the biggest of the trip, but by far my favorite. My Green Stick and I got a little bit closer that day.”

    Nick Streit: Winston Pro Staff

  7. winston

    8’ 4wt

    “It’s a Winston, right? So when I fished the Boron III LS 8’ 4 weight I knew it would have incredibly good line feel and balance. But, they told me it was a light-line rod, so I wasn’t expecting the backbone it displayed. But, then again, it’s a Winston, right?

    The BIII LS was an absolute delight. I could make pinpoint deliveries, swing casts under sweepers and still have the muscle to subdue solid Au Sable River browns. In other words, it was the perfect Michigan rod.

    I never thought I could find a rod that would make me think twice about grabbing my TMF for a day on the South Branch, but the BIII LS has earned serious consideration for this stream and about two dozen others I know.

    Will you love this rod for small- to medium-stream fishing? Yes. After all, it’s a Winston, right?”

    Dirk Fischbach: Winston Pro Staff

  8. winston

    8’ 6″ 3wt

    “My home water is the Yakima River located in central Washington. The river hosts rainbow and cutthroat trout throughout 70 miles of blue ribbon water. On the upper stretches of this river system you will find finicky and temperamental trophy rainbow and cutthroat trout. These trout do not come easy and typically need to be convinced with impeccably perfect drifts and small flies. Catching one or two fish over 20” is a memorable day. For fishing small technical water, like the upper Yakima I reach straight for my 8’ 6” 3wt Boron III LS. The rod’s soft touch and ability to delicately lay down casts is perfect for small flies, but when the time calls, this little 3wt rod will throw the biggest flies in your box. Being able to throw a size 4 salmon fly dry with a size 6 weighted stonefly dropper on a 3wt proved to me that this rod was not just a small fly, delicate presentation rod, but a rod that can do it all. If you end up fishing on a windy day or tangling into that monster fish, the rod has enough backbone to take on just about any small river or stream fishing situation. This rod is my first choice when it comes to catching fish on dries. It does an excellent job of putting a giant smile on my face when the rod doubles over and you feel every move and shake of a temperamental trout.”

    Troy Lichttenegger: Sales Rep Associate

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