By Ben Kryzinski , courtesy of Hatch Magazine

I get asked fairly often what I think the world’s best trout rod is. You want to hear about it? Sweet. Here’s what you need to know.

I’m looking for something very specific in my ultimate trout rod. I want a rod that will fish everything – dry flies, nymphs, small streamers, wets – with ease, that will make every cast in the book, and most importantly, that disappears in my hand. Which is why, when pressed for what my favorite trout rod is, I pick the 9’ 5-wt. Winston Boron III LS.

The BIII LS has all the “measurables.” It’s handsome, with incredible cosmetics and top-flight components. It’s accurate. It bends – which, at least in my mind, separates it from a hundred high-end fly rods that double as pool cues and wading staffs. It will throw long or short, with either an aggressive stroke or a more subdued casting approach. It will protect light tippets, yet still corral a 20” rainbow in a minute or two. It will sling a streamer, or set your size 18 cripple down on the water with the deliberate delicacy of a stalking heron.

Most importantly, though, it’s a joy to cast. The BIII LS throws such a gorgeous line that, within a minute or two, the rod fades completely into the background and I’m free to appreciate the moment. And that’s what I love. I want that rod to disappear in my hand, rather than draw attention to itself. My focus should be on the fishing here in Colorado, rather than on what my fly rod is (or isn’t) doing.

So, after a fair amount of soul searching and a brief moment of indecision, when folks press me to pick one trout rod above them all, I cast my vote for the Winston. The 9 foot 5 BIII LS is the finest trout rod I’ve fished over the last few years.