Courtesy of Trout & Salmon Magazine


The first thing you notice about a Winston rod is how much thought has gone into its presentation, from the handwritten model specification on the tube cap to the quality cream rod bag. The whole production speaks of luxury like the wood-panelled dashboard on a classic sports car. The bottle-green blank is fitted with a single Nanolite stripping ring and chromed snake intermediates. The cork handle is finished with a burled box elder wooden reel seat and nickel silver butt cap. This is a premium rod that most fishers would be proud to own.

It is very light in the hand, a result of a super-silica resin system, which is baked into the graphite and removes excess weight after drying. The Air is billed as a presentation rod, and it has a pleasing medium-fast action that is ideal for fishing dry-flies and lighter nymphs. It bends beautifully and has a lovely “delicate” feel.

The Air works best with a “true” fly-line, one that adheres to the AFTMA rating (eg 5 or 6) rather than one of the popular lines that are a half-size heavier or more. Available in 7 ft 6 in 3 wt to 9 ft 6 wt.

Contact: Glasgow Angling Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

Tel: 0141 212 8880