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Boron III LS 9′ 4wt.

When it comes to trout fishing you’ll find me stalking spring creeks hunting for risers. This means small dry flies on a long leader with light tippet. The Winston 4-weight Boron III LS is my fly rod of choice. This rod has perfect feel and provides me incredible accuracy – the exact precision needed to place a fly to a trout that won’t budge from his lie. My fly line lands on the water ever so gently and when the trout sips my fly the finesse rod absorbs the shock of my hook set and protects my light tippet. There’s no better fly rod for fooling large stubborn trout on challenging spring creeks than Winston’s 4-weight Boron III LS.”

Jeff Currier Bohar Snapper Sudan

Boron III SX 9’ 12wt.

On a recent trip to Sudan I gave the 12-weight Winston Boron III SX a true workout.  I am extremely impressed.

Unlike most 12-weights, the Boron III SX isn’t the usual broomstick action club of graphite for fighting big fish.  This rod can actually cast.  The first test came with a giant trevally peeling along the flats.  Because of the speed of the traveling fish I had a short window to get my fly in front of him.  My Winston loaded like a dream and in two false casts I shot 80-feet of line and dropped my bushy size 4/0 fly in front of the monster with ease.

Not only does my 12-weight SX load fast and cast accurately but it’s amazingly lightweight.  Often we’d have opportunities to dredge off the reef for enormous bohar snappers.  The action was excellent and before I knew it I’d be blind casting my 12-weight for hours – easy to accomplish with its noticeable light weight.

And if you think that a 12-weight that’s a pleasure to cast must be sacrificing fish fighting ability – you’re wrong.  In the Red Sea there’s coral reef everywhere and you can’t let any fish run far.  My 12-weight Boron III SX showed the ability to stop them dead.  And though many 12-weights would break to smithereens, my SX held up to the ultimate test!

Jeff Currier Yellowmargin triggerfish Red Sea

Boron III X 9 ½’ 8wt.

I’m more than impressed by my new smooth casting 9/1/2-foot 8-weight Winston Boron III X fly rod.  I was wading the windy flats of the Red Sea in search of Yellowmargin Triggerfish.  As with most flats fish, a long cast and a delicate presentation is essential regardless of conditions.  I was quick to learn the Winston loads effortlessly and it was easy to punch long cast into the teeth of a strong wind.

Once hooked up, the triggers would make a mad dash often through mine fields of jagged corral heads.  Not so fast – that extra 6-inches my 91/2-foot rod offers allowed me to raise my line and leader over these hindrances.  I’m a huge fan of the 91/2-foot 8-weight Boron III X fly rod for any flats fishing around the world.