Bamboo fly rods are incredible fishing tools. They are strong, versatile, can fish heavier flies, present delicate dry flies, and fish double nymph rigs. We can even build rods in heavier line weights for use in tropical saltwater applications.

When compared to modern graphite rods, the biggest difference with bamboo is the requirement that an angler decelerate their casting stroke to appropriately match a bamboo’s slower action. Bamboo is typically much slower in its recovery speed as compared to modern fast-action rods. Anglers familiar with fishing with bamboo rods will tell you that the rod shows a reserve of power and control through the casting stroke. Yes, the rod may feel slower than today’s fast action graphite rods, but the bamboo rod finishes the cast within its own energy.

You may feel that it takes more finesse to get your timing right and it may take a few minutes to feel the rhythm of the cane rod but they are certainly capable of shooting line as far as you can cast it. There is no better feeling than shooting an entire fly line out of the tip of a bamboo rod. However, these rods are tools for fishing, designed to present a fly accurately to the target.

Bamboo offers a few benefits beyond the quality of experience. The most important quality, especially in trout country, is the ability to protect light tippets. Our trout sized bamboo rods can easily foster the use of 6X, 7X, or even 8X tippet. The rod’s progressive flex protects small flies and light tippet while fighting big fish. Additionally, the feeling of fighting fish is much more enjoyable with a deep-flexing rod as you can feel that fish all the way to the butt section.Bamboo rods also display great durability, and if well built, are very strong. Due to the nature of the natural materials, the compression strength is impressive, allowing for a heavier load on the material than in many graphite rods.

We encourage anyone who stops in our showroom in Twin Bridges, Montana to take some time and cast a bamboo rod. What you’ll find is a rod that responds at the flick of your wrist and gracefully loads between your forward and back cast. While the tip feels a bit heavy compared to our modern graphite tapers, it feels alive in hand, reacting to even the smallest of mends and flicks.

Put a Winston bamboo rod in your hands and you are picking up over 92 years of tradition and innovation. Cast one and you will experience a wonderful action with delicate line and loop control. Fish one and you will understand why anglers become devotees of bamboo and a part of the ultimate fly fishing tradition and experience.

To order your very own Winston bamboo rod, please contact us. We’d be happy to walk you through the details and timeframes for delivery.

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