Exceptional Anglers, Extrordinary Experience.

Jeff Currier



Jeff Currier’s lifelong love of fly fishing has taken him to over 62 countries. He has caught over 430 species on the fly from both fresh and saltwater ranging from trevally in the Red Sea to arapaima in Guyana and trout wherever they are found. One of the most sought after speakers in fly fishing, Jeff brings a wealth of experience to Winston. Former fly shop manager. Well-known artist and author. Fly fishing skills instructor. Multi medalist at the World Fly Fishing Championships. The list goes on and on. He bought his first Winston over 40 years ago and we are thrilled to have him on board. Jeff ‘s home base is Hayward, Wisconsin. Learn more at



Landon’s angling success is fueled by an addiction to pursuing large trout with small flies and lightweight fly-fishing equipment – it is this obsession that makes him a perfect match for Winston. He enthusiastically teaches and demonstrates his techniques and on-river knowledge to fellow anglers and has developed innovative strategies for sighting, hooking, and landing selective trout that he has shares in four instructional books as well as two DVDs. In addition to teaching through guided trips, fly-fishing classes, presentations, and demonstrations, he is also a contributing writer for Fly Fisherman and High Country Angler magazines. Landon has been guiding full time on the South Platte River for the last 19 years, as well as one full season on the Nak Nek River in AK. When not on the river or traveling you’ll find him home with his family in Florissant, Colorado. Learn more at

Landon Mayer
Brian Silvey



Brian started tying flies at the age of 10. By age 14, several Oregon fly shops were purchasing his flies. He cut his teeth guiding fly anglers on the rivers of Mt. Hood. Now a grizzled veteran in his fourth decade of guiding fly anglers for trout and steelhead on Oregon’s best rivers, Brian brings a lot to the table for Winston Fly Rods. Silvey was one the pioneers of Spey casting in North America and has been teaching and demonstrating Spey techniques since the early 1990s. When he is not on the oars, you can find Brian designing wildly productive trout and steelhead flies at his tying bench. He makes his home in Maupin, OR near the Deschutes River. Learn more about him at