The WINSTON UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE covers every new Winston boron/graphite and graphite fly rod and blank against breakage or manufacturer’s defects. This warranty is available only to the original owner of products purchased from an authorized Winston Dealer. This warranty covers, at Winston’s option, the repair of the original rod or the replacement of the rod with an equivalent rod only. To qualify for this warranty, the original owner must either send Winston a completed warranty card or register the rod online. Warranty cards can be scanned and emailed to info@winstonrods.com. The warranty does not cover lost rods, lost rod sections, intentional breakage, misuse, neglect, cosmetic wear or scratches. Warranty coverage for Winston blanks is limited to the blank only. The serial number for every Winston can be found in the script closest to the cork on the rod.

For all warranty work, the entire rod must be returned to Winston. The rod owner agrees that Winston assumes no associated or ancillary liability due to use of the rod, including consequential or incidental damages. This guarantee gives you specific, limited legal rights. You may have additional rights under applicable state law.



Winston introduced the Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee in 1996. Only rods produced after this date, or older rods for which a warranty was purchased are eligible for the Guarantee. If you have a question about the eligibility of a specific rod, please contact us. The warranty is non-transferable and is good only for the lifetime of the original owner. Rods not covered under this guarantee include:

  • Used Winston rods not in the possession of the original owner
  • New Winston rods purchased from anyone other than an authorized Winston Dealer
  • Winston rods that have not been properly registered



Let’s Get You, and Your Rod, Back on the Water.

Warranty Repair Service

For all warranty work, the entire rod must be returned to Winston. Place the rod in its rod sock and tube. Put any broken sections loose in the tube alongside the rod sock, then package carefully and ship in a cardboard shipping box. Shipping can be via USPS, UPS or FedEx and we recommend insuring your repair rod shipment. All rods will be assessed in-house to determine repairability and fees based on classifications listed below. Please understand, due to material availability, some rods may no longer be repairable. Rest assured that we will do our best to repair your rod or provide a satisfactory upgrade option. Rods received without rod tubes are not guaranteed safe return shipping and will incur the Non-Warranty repair charge if broken upon return to the customer.


Repair Fee Classification – Premium Rods Under Warranty:

 “Modern” (Serial # 175,000 & greater): $75     □ “Classic” (Serial # 100,000-175,000): $100

 “Vintage” (Serial # 100,000 & lower): $150     □ Non-Warranty Repair: $175


Repair Fee Classification – Value Rods/Blanks Under Warranty:

 Repairable: $75                                 □ Non-Repairable/Replace: $100-$275


Repair Fee Classification – Custom Built from Winston Blank Under Warranty:

 Blank Only: $75                                               □ Finished by Winston: $75/Section


Please ship your rod to:           R.L. Winston Rod Company, Repair Department
                                              500 South Main St., (PO Box 411) Twin Bridges, MT 59754.

*International Shipping: Additional $50

We will send you a confirmation email when we receive your broken rod. We strive to return your repair you within 6 weeks of receipt. You will be emailed again when it is invoiced and shipped. If there is a delay with processing your rod, we will contact you.




Bamboo rods are covered against manufacturer’s defects for the life of the rod. The warranty is transferable. The cost of repair/replacement for items not covered under warranty are calculated on a per-piece basis. Costs do not include shipping.

  • Broken Tips: $275.00
  • Broken Mid-sections: $300.00
  • Broken Butt sections: $375.00
  • Total Rod Refurbishment*: $450.00

*Note: Total refurbishment includes a complete cleaning, re-wrapping of guides and re-setting with new varnish. This service does not include a new reel seat or grip.

Replacement Parts
  • New Reel seat: $85.00
  • New Grip and Reel Seat*: $210.00

*Note: A grip cannot be replaced without also replacing the reel seat.