Patrick Clayton


Edisto Island, South Carolina: Tyler Bowman is a Lowcountry Native who found fly fishing at the ripe age of ten years old. After discovering its vast possibilities, he decided to pick up a camera to help express his love for the place he calls home on Edisto Island. After mentorship and working at Seven Mile Fly shop in the Florida keys, Tyler then narrowed down on the path he would take, landing him back to his home waters. The goal he seeks is to show people the true passion of what the lowcountry is while pushing conservation efforts and documenting the journey along the way. While the lowcountry will alway be his home you will find him anywhere from Kodiak, Alaska to the Florida keys fully obsessed with this thing they call “fly fishing”.

Patrick Clayton


No single event led me down the road to focusing so much of my time and effort on attempting to document our native trout species in their natural environment. I could say I got the idea while observing a school of hundreds of brook trout hovering over an aquamarine seep amongst the lava rocks of the Upper Deschutes. Or maybe it came to me while scouting waterfalls deep in the Wilderness of the Purcells and seeing fifteen pound bull trout scurry off their gravel bar redds. There is no place I would rather be than out somewhere feeling the sting of the elements and fine tuning my judgment amongst powers much greater than myself. The wilderness has been more than a place for me to find a challenge; it is a place to reconnect with a natural world from which modern life too often pulls us away.

Christopher Daniel


David first picked up a camera in 2008 while working on his first book, Fly Fishing Georgia. Since that time, photography has become a passion and a career as a full-time commercial and editorial photographer, and he’s had the privilege to work with Gray’s Sporting Journal, The Flyfish Journal, CATCH Magazine, Southern Living, and now Winston. David lives with his wife, Stephanie, and two young daughters, Shiloh and Afton, in a quiet town between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, and his home waters include the Chattooga River, the Flint River, and local bass ponds. His favorite fish up to this point was a 13-pound peacock bass caught on a small Puglisi fly on a branch of the Amazon River, where he was shooting photos for fellow Winston ambassador Michael Williams’ group, Nomadic Waters. You can see more of David’s work at

Justin Hamblin


Justin grew up fishing the small lakes and streams of northern Utah with his dad and attributes his love of fishing and photography to that same man. Justin graduated from Utah State University with degrees in Art and Business as well as lettering four years on the football team as the kicker/punter. He is married to his sweetheart and has three children who share his passion for photography, fishing, and all things outdoors. Justin enjoys taking pictures while fishing as much as fishing itself and is often more proud of the pictures he gets than the fish he catches.

Chris King


My college years in Montana solidified my love of wide open spaces. My need for adventure has made me a traveler. I had no idea when I picked up my first camera that it would lead me to capturing moments through video. All these components, nature, adventure, cinema; blend perfectly to create Travels Through Images. In order to keep track of the pulse that keeps video a relevant marketing tool, I make sure to diversify my portfolio. You might find me in a helicopter hovering over an international estate. Diving off the bow of a ship to capture a shot of marine wildlife. Collaborating with a unique resort to showcase its importance as a destination. Or Capturing a special moment to create the lifelong keepsake that a video can be. This is the hardest and best work I will ever do. The natural progression of this path has been to discover a way to tell the story in a new way as I travel, camera in hand. Be it on a mountain or a stream I find the opportunity to create a story and share what I see, my true path and passion.

John Konkal


John Konkal was born and raised in Detroit. While attending The College for Creative Studies, John had the pleasure of studying under the great automotive photographer turned instructor, Walter Fayrnk. John moved on to Los Angeles and apprenticed in Hollywood before becoming a leading Automotive advertising photographer. To chill out John listens to the Smiths, Talking Heads, Eminem, Prince, Cake. Loves movies, All kind. When not shooting photo jobs, John travels the world seeking out new Fly Fishing destinations and adventures. He is also an avid Biker, Hiker and Tennis player.

Patrick Lipsker


Patrick Lipsker is an adventure lifestyle photographer based out of Spokane, WA. As a life long resident of the Pacific Northwest, Patrick has identified with the outdoors as a means to grow creatively & professionally as a photographer. The the majority of his work can be seen within the Idaho Panhandle and its surrounding National Forests where he wanders with a camera & fly rod in hand. As an adventurer & avid outdoorsman, Patrick’s photographic emphasis lies in seamlessly connecting an intimate human element to the mountains and rivers that define this region.

Patrick Lipsker


Forrest grew up in his father’s fly shop and has been obsessed with fishing since he was a toddler. His goal as a photographer and director is to show the joy of the journey and to highlight the subtle moments that happen along the way. Forrest is based in Whitefish, MT and when he isn’t traveling you can find him on a Montana river bank looking for rising fish.

Russ Schnitzer


Russ is an award-winning conservation and outdoor photographer, photojournalist and videographer. He has been fishing for as long as he can remember, and first picked up a fly rod at age 11. He purchased his first R.L. Winston rod nearly twenty years ago, and has been smitten ever since. Russ has fished and photographed throughout North America, the Caribbean and Central America. Russ’s work can be seen regularly in The Flyfish Journal, The Drake Magazine, Trout Magazine, Northwest Fly Fishing, and more. He is based in Denver, Colorado.

Russ Schnitzer


I’ve been an outdoor/commercial photographer that has been based out of the Reno/ Lake Tahoe area for the last 25 years. With my Dad putting a fly rod in my hand when I was 8 years old has given me deep roots in the appreciation for the outdoors and traditions of Fly fishing. Combining my passions of photography and fly fishing means every day with a fly rod in one hand and a camera in the other is a great day. I believe the perfect photo is the one that puts the viewer where I am when I shoot it, and that’s what I always try to capture.

Arian Stevens

Arian Stevens

Growing up in the foothills between Yosemite and Tahoe I have always been spoiled by the awesomeness of the outdoors. Fresh out of high school having no clue what I wanted to do I happened to take a photography class and found not only my passion but a way to share the beauty of my surroundings with others. Back then, every river I photographed I always imagined how much cooler the image would be if there was someone fishing it. Combining the two, I added a fly rod and a few fishing buddies to my arsenal and decided to move where there was a bit more water to cover. I am still more of a photographer than fisherman, since I prefer a killer image to a killer fish. But… I’m still pretty stoked with a killer fish.

Greg Sweney, Photographer

Greg Sweney

Is it proper to say family history or family legacy? When you come from a rich lineage of artists – legacy feels more appropriate. My grandfather was a wildlife artist, and my father a creative director and abstract painter. Life and art have always been intertwined. As for me, seeing the world through the camera has been my contribution. I am a Georgia Native that calls the great Pacific Northwest home. As a professional photographer / director that specializes in outdoor and sport imagery, I crave being on-location and all the experiences it offers. I have been fortunate to travel the world shooting both commercial and editorial projects. Big fish, little and everything in between. Find me on the river sometime. Let’s swap stories.