Trout Energy Fly Lines


WINSTON ENERGY FLY LINES. A true advancement.

Winston ENERGY fly lines were designed utilizing an entirely new scientific approach that enhances the energy transfer between the rod and line. By measuring the dynamic characteristics of fly rods at various flex points, we’ve applied an engineered system to precisely design lines that are ideal for each rod weight. The result is a series of lines that perfectly match the performance characteristics of today’s fly rods, cast and fish wonderfully, and provide anglers with optimized line control, accuracy and, most importantly, presentation.


  • 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-weight
  • Hi-Vis Line with Stealth Camo Tip
  • Supple Freshwater Core
  • Slick, State-of-the Art Coating
  • Printed Line Weight ID on Tip
  • Welded Loops Front and Back
  • Made in USA
  • Suggested Retail Price – $99
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Available Options

Line WeightPriceStockQuantity 
2 wt$99.0014
3 wt$99.000
4 wt$99.0042
5 wt$99.0059
6 wt$99.0084

STEALTH / HIGH FLOTATION TIP – Winston ENERGY Trout fly lines are all two colors and feature a muted-color, low visibility high flotation stealth tip section of 10-feet to help avoid spooking fish when the line is in the air or on the water. Winston ENERGY Trout fly lines also feature high flotation tips for a better read and reference for the angler.

LINE COLOR – Winston ENERGY fly line colors were chosen to look beautiful as well as for optimum performance. The muted putty-color 10-foot front tip section on the ENERGY Trout lines helps to avoid spooking fish when the line is in the air and on the water. For the fly line ‘belly’ and ‘running line,’ our bright Chartreuse Green color was chosen specifically to help anglers better see their line in the air and on the water which can help with casting performance and mending.

LINE WEIGHT MARKING – All Winston ENERGY fly lines come with the line weight and fly line model marked clearly but subtly toward the front of the fly line to make sure the angler always knows which line is on the reel.

LINE COATING – Winston ENERGY lines use a state-of-the-art durable coating to enhance surface slickness. Especially when used together with the new Shooting Guides™ on Winston fly rods, these fly lines significantly reduce friction, resulting in incredible accuracy and optimal presentation of the fly line and fly.

LINE CORE – Winston ENERGY Trout fly lines feature a supple core designed specifically for freshwater environments. These supple cores are important to provide shock absorption, especially when fishing with small tippet, and are designed for colder and moderate freshwater temperatures

LOOPS – All Winston ENERGY fly lines have durable welded front and back loops making it easy for the angler to quickly change leaders or to change out the entire fly line. For those who prefer not to use loops, they can be snipped off quickly and easily without affecting the fly line performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William S.
Awesome line!

Have been using Winston lines for several years and have been very impressed with them! The Energy Line shoots well and floats like a cork. I clean and dress them after each trip so they’ve lasted beyond what I expected. One thing I’ve noticed over some other lines is they don’t have “coil memory” if left on the reel for a few months. Get to where you’re going to fish, strip some line off the reel and no worries about having to stretch the line out to get it straight. It has exceeded my expectations and would recommend it without hesitation.

David Magee
In Perfect Harmony…

I am a Colorado guide/ Casting Instructor. It’s true to say am tuned into my gear. I fish Winston fly rods, and love every cast! 😎 This is my first experience with Winston Energy line.
The line is exceptionally good! It’s silky to cast , with a big dose of accuracy!

Dane Versland

This line shoots like a dream, only used it once on the bighorn, used my favorite Winston rod the IM6

Wayne Syn
Trout Energy fly lines

This is the best dry line I have used. The taper fits my casting stroke well.


Fly lines are often overlooked by anglers when setting up a new outfit. The reel and rod are obviously important, but good fly line makes a rod perform that much better. For example: I'd never use a true-to-weight line on a Sage MOD or Bolt. Both of those rods are stiff enough to warrant a heavier line, like the MPX series from Scientific Anglers. So when fishing a medium-fast action rod it makes sense to use a line closer to the AFFTA standards for line and rod weight. Enter Winston's new Energy Trout fly line series. Available in weights 2 - 6, it's built just barely heavier than AFFTA standards (the 5wt line used in this review clocks in at 144gr. AFFTA standards for 5wt line is 140gr). That extra bit of weight helps the quicker Boron III X rod load up beautifully, and I even noticed a better performance from my Sage VXP with this line. The Energy lines have a standard head length, at 38 feet. The first 10 feet of that is colored brown, what Winston dubs a 'stealth camo tip.' The idea is to give anglers more length of line and leader that's either clear or dull-colored so as not to spook fish with the chartreuse running line. These lines are built by Scientific Anglers according to predetermined specifications from Winston. The standard high-quality SA line coating and printed line ID adorn the Energy line series. At $99 retail, the Energy line is a bit more than most lines on the market, but not by much. From the unique design, exceptional build quality, and presentation abilities, the Energy lines earns its price tag.