MAX Accuracy. MAX Power. MAX Line Speed. MAX Performance.

Utilizing award-winning materials in conjunction with our fastest and most powerful graphite tapers to date, the new AIR 2 Max series optimizes performance in saltwater, warmwater, and large freshwater fishing applications across the globe. Each model has been meticulously tuned for accuracy, lifting strength, and line speed, boasting the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any rod we’ve ever made. The AIR 2 Max series are powerful without effecting castability or lightness in-hand. Our proprietary AIR 2 and Boron materials create unprecedented feel, power, tracking, recovery, and lightweight performance – truly redefining fast-action performance for any saltwater and big-game application worldwide.

THE AIR 2 MAX. Been there. Caught that.

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6wt, 8'6", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
6wt, 9'0", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
7wt, 8'6", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
7wt, 9'0", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
8wt, 8'6", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
8wt, 9'0", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
9wt, 8'6", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
9wt, 9'0", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
10wt, 9'0", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
11wt, 9'0", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000
12wt, 9'0", 4pc Full Wells, Aluminum$1,245.000



ACTION: Very Fast.

GRIP : 7″ full wells grip on 6-10wts. 8″ full wells grip on 11-12wts. Premium Flor Grade Cork.

Reel Seat: Silver lightweight anodized aluminum. Barrell engraved with Green Script logo. Double uplocking aluminum rings. 1 ½” Fighting Butt on 6-10wts, 2 ½” Fighting Butt on 11-12wts.

Stripping GUIDES: Cerecoil hard titanium construction with high flexibility and Ceramic insert.

snake GUIDES: Recoil saltwater snake guides with hard titanium finish and high flexibility.


STORAGE: Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock.

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA. Fished around the world.



The AIR 2 Max features our award-winning AIR 2 and Boron materials, showcasing our highest strength-to-weight ratio and fastest recovery action to date in a fly rod. These materials allow for unprecedented lifting strength, exact tracking, crisp recovery, and lightweight performance – perfect for any saltwater or big-game application anywhere in the world.



The AIR 2 Max utilizes unique Cerecoil hard-titanium stripping guides. They are extremely flexible when stuffed into boat gunnels or tight spots. and use a ceramic insert that is incredibly slick, generating extremely high line speeds. This means achieving more distance with less effort, fewer backcasts, incredible line shooting, and unmatched durability.

To compliment the stripping guides, AIR 2 Max rods use Recoil hard-titanium saltwater snake guides, that are saltwater safe, stronger, lighter, and extremely flexible. These snake guides shoot line effortlessly, for fast shots with big flies.

The AIR 2 Max features a new universal flor-grade grip with low swells and short flares to provide anglers of various hand shapes and grip styles a variety of grip options. This aids in overall feel, line control and comfort when fighting the world’s largest fish.


Winston Air 2 Max Close up of Cerecoil stripping guide Winston Air 2 Max Winston Air 2 Max Winston Air 2 Max

Customer Reviews

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Trevor Segelke
The 7 wt that really can do it all.

I had the chance to test the 7 wt against competitors and the rod I have been using at the fly fishing show. This is the rod that can do it all.

Accuracy, Line Control, Tight Loops, High Line Speed? This rod can do it all in spades. Need to overlain with a heavy front loaded taper? No problem, it can to that too.

Very responsive and very fast dampening rod.

Nicholas DelleDonne
Introduction to the Air 2 Max at the Denver Fly Fishing Show!

Had the pleasure of casting this rod at the Denver Fly Fishing Show last week and I must say, simply the best casting salt and predator stick they have ever produced! I cast the 8.5' 8wt. and it was amazing! Very light, produced high line speed which is necessary in the salt and big water and fun to cast. The blend of power and easy to cast is outstanding!