We have been in development on the RVR reels for more than two years. We started with a groundbreaking and beautifully modern design and quickly found out how challenging it is to machine a reel this complex. No one had ever seen anything like it.

The complexity and double anodized design of the RVR would prove too difficult to achieve on a conventional 3-Axis machine, so we sought out the newest 5-Axis machines available. The result speaks for itself.


Available Options

RVR 2/3Black/Gold$695.0018
RVR 2/3Charcoal/Silver$695.0016
RVR 4/5Black/Gold$725.00-3
RVR 4/5Charcoal/Silver$725.001
RVR 6/7Black/Gold$755.00-1
RVR 6/7Charcoal/Silver$755.00-9




RVR 2/3
Small streams and spring creeks are the ideal waters for 2 and 3wt fishing. You’re not likely to ever need 70 yards of backing here, or a drag capable of stopping a steelhead. What you will need is a lightweight reel designed with the smaller capacity and perfect drag for those very special angling situations.

RVR 4/5
The line and backing capacity, drag and weight of this reel have been appropriately designed for the more sizeable trout, larger water, longer casts and more varied techniques associated with 4 and 5wt rods. Whether you’re fishing a floating line or a light sink tip, whether fishing dries or wets, this is the ideal reel.

RVR 6/7
A larger reel for the heavier line weights used when targeting trophy fish with large, wind-resistant or heavy flies. The increased backing capacity is more than sufficient to handle even the longest running trout. Intended applications are streamer fishing with floating or sink-tip lines, stillwater angling with floating, intermediate and full-sinking lines, as well as handling the aggressively-tapered lines needed to turn over large dry flies, poppers, articulated streamers, and double nymph rigs.



RVR 2/33.15 in4.6 oz2/3 wtWF3+ (50yd. 20#)$695$315
RVR 4/53.54 in4.9 oz4/5 wtWF5+ (75yd. 20#)$725$325
RVR 6/73.94 in5.5 oz6/7 wtWF7+ (100yd. 20#)$755$350

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Thomas Sawyer
Elegant yet functional

Absolutely love this reel

Evan Norris
Incredible functional art

These reels are some of the smoothest, well made reels I’ve ever fished. After purchasing my first one around a year ago and loving it, I’ve added 2 more to my Arsenal. Incredibly smooth drags with 0 startup effort to protect 7x and 8x tippet with the EN and 4/5, as well as strong enough to turn any big brown out of the nastiest stuff with the 6/7 throwing streamers. These reels are worth every penny if you want to have a reel you can count on in any situation when the fish of a lifetime is on the line! The 6/7 pairs perfectly with the Alpha + 7 weight for the most incredible streamer setup you’ll ever fish!

Kory Boozer
Refined, Robust & Refreshing Reels

At first glance these reels seem like they may have done a little too much porting to them, but when you hold them in your hand you realize that all that fancy machine work is deceiving as these reels are as sturdy as any reel ever made. I own these reels in all three sizes and they are without a doubt the nicest reels I have ever held, the drag is the perfect balance of sound and smoothness, the handles are the best I have ever put my hands on in both shape and material. If you want something that makes you smile every time you use it, this is the reel for you. Enjoy...

Machined to perfection

I was apprehensive at first as this reel was outside my comfort zone visually. After about 10mins with it I was convinced. Machined to perfection, it was light, strong, beautiful and perfectly fit to my R8. After a day on the water it was evident that I had made the right choice. The drag was phenomenal, the pick up was impressive, and the balance was impeccable. The way this reel is machined really sold it for me as the strength is there regardless of the fish on. I bought several fish over 24” and 15 minutes of drag ripping craziness to the net…the reel just performed. What a great reel, definitely multiple purchases to come.

Thanks for the great review JH - we're glad to hear your new RVR balances your R8 perfectly! We appreciate the support!

Matthew Hayes
Great Reel

This is my first Bauer reel. When they came out with RVR I loved how it looked. So I decided a year ago I was going to add an RVR to my arsenal. I was pleased with how big the frame is. I bought a 6/7 for the trophy rivers I fish. I couldn’t believe how big the frame was, I compared it to my 7/8 streamer reel and it was bigger, also it is much lighter than any of my other reels. I can’t wait to get out on the water and fish my new RVR.