Super 10


Nymph rods and then some

Originally designed for nymph specialists, the mending qualities and length of these three rods are ideal for other applications, as well, such as drift boat and float tube fishing. The rods feature a sensitive tip to detect near-invisible eats when nymphing yet load beautifully when casting dries and streamers.

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3wt, 10'0", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$975.0011
4wt, 10'0", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$975.007
5wt, 10'0", 4pc, Cigar, Wood$975.0012


ACTION: Medium-Fast.

GRIP DESIGN: 6.5” Cigar. 1” fighting butt.

REEL SEAT: Tiger maple reel seat with downlocking nickel silver hardware.

GUIDES: Hard chrome snake “Shooting Guides” with chrome nano-lite stripping guides.


STORAGE: Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock.

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA.

3wt: Perfect for virtually any tight line nymphing applications when sensitivity means the difference between a hook up or making another drift.

4wt. A true all-arounder from dry flies to indicators, it has more power for windy days yet retains plenty of finesse for tippet protection.

5wt. The choice for heavy flies and longer leaders on bigger rivers and stillwater fishing.


Advanced Boron technology

Sensitive Tip to detect subtle takes

Stronger Mid-Section for accurate fly placement

Strong Lower Half to control larger fish

1 1/2″ Cork Extension reduces arm fatigue in high-stick and extended reach situations

Customer Reviews

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Jack Simpson
Super 10: A Fly Rod for BC Stillwaters, like no other.

I am a "Stillwater Guy" in an area of BC surround by rainbow trout lakes. I nymph, chironomid and dry fly fish. I'm also old. My dream rod is one that casts itself in all three of the above endeavors. My Super 10s (5wt and 4wt) do precisely that. Fly casting with "My Winnie", makes me giggle like a little girl and happen to be a Marine combat veteran. Giggling is not easy.

Joel Morsch
Exactly what I hoped

I have wanted to try the Super X in the #3 for a long time. The advantage of the longer rod and delicate touch for nymphing was very appealing to me. Late last December I bought this rod. It is exactly what I hoped it would be. I have fished it with indicators and with a mono rig. I love this rod for the fishing the rivers here in East Tennessee.

Tim Guilfoile
Super 10, 3wt is a SUPER Fly Rod

I purchased the Super 10, 3 weight fly rod and the Bauer RVR EURO-NYMPH REEL and Euro nymphing has never been so easy, so good, so pleasurable, so sensitive. A truly great combo.....

Doug Evans
Super 10 3wt

I just cleaned and put my Super 10 3wt away till October. What a friend this rod has became, it is fearless, and true to design, which is hard to find today. I have fought 24" Rainbows down to 16" and it handled them all. The sensitivity of the upper section and tip is amazing, and bring the fish down the Butt section where the fight is quickened.