Featuring awesome performance, superb quality and a beautiful, contemporary aesthetic, RX trout and saltwater reels represent the pinnacle of manufacturing and design, and redefine “smooth and reliable.”

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ModelSpool ColorPriceStockQuantity 
RX 1Black$545.0016
RX 1Charcoal$545.0010
RX 1Green$545.002
RX 2Black$595.0014
RX 2Charcoal$595.008
RX 2Green$595.003
RX 3Charcoal$675.006
RX 3Green$675.000
RX 3Black$675.0010
RX 4Charcoal$725.0018
RX 4Green$725.0013
RX 4Black$725.0018
RX 5Charcoal$755.000
RX 5Green$755.000
RX 5Black$755.000
RX 6Black$855.000
RX 7Charcoal$925.000

RX 1, 2, 3, 4
Smaller, lightweight reels that can handle lines 2wt through 8wt and are ideal for all freshwater applications, as well as light salt. Perfect for trout,  smallmouth bass, bonefish and other species.

RX 5, 6, 7
These larger RX reels were designed to handle and subdue extremely powerful fish such as tarpon, peacock bass, dorado, permit and other hard fighters that will quickly prove whether a reel is up to the task. They feature stronger seals, a more powerful structure and a drag system that features multiple carbon discs and five times the surface area for maximum stopping power and control.

RX Reels are available with a Black handcrafted, polished frame, Gold hub and the following spool color choices: Black, Dark Green or Charcoal/Graphite.


RX 13.00 in3.5 oz3/4/5 wtWF5+ (55yd. 20#)$545$225
RX 23.25 in3.8 oz4/5/6 wtWF5+ (100yd. 20#)$595$240
RX 33.50 in4.2 oz5/6/7 wtWF6+ (135yd. 20#)$675$295
RX 43.75 in5.3 oz6/7/8 wtWF7+ (175yd. 20#)$725$305
RX 54.00 in7.8 oz7/8/9 wtWF8+ (225yd. 30#)$755$340
RX 64.25 in8.6 oz9/10/11 wtWF10+ (350yd. 30#)$855$385
RX 74.50 in9.4 oz11/12/13 wtWF12+ (450yd. 30#)$925$420



Just Black

Just Black

Dark Green

Dark Green



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Captain Peter Whelan
Bauer RX

Great reel …use with my 7wt Winston Air Salt ..smooth drag ..my clients love this outfit

Michael Dvorak
Bauer RX Reels

The moment I took these reels out of their cases and began spooling the backing and fly line I could tell that the quality of these reels was special. I ordered two, one for each of my Winston "Pure" fly rods. They balance with the weight of the rods very well and in my opinion look terrific, I ordered them both in green. During the recent eclipse I took my lab Buncie to a small spring creek in the Driftless region of Wisconsin and stumbled onto a wonderful Blue Wing Olive hatch, some as large as 16's. The fish were up and feeding with abandon. I spent 4hrs on a stretch roughly 400yds long, catching and releasing fat chunky Browns. When the hatch stopped I sat down and admired the rod and reel in my hands. Everything was how it should be.

Claudiu Vidulescu
Bauer RX 5 and 6

I have purchased 2 of each RX reels in size 5 and 6 and I have used them in Bahamas for Bonefish and Permit. They both worked well without any issues. I have also just used them in Christmas Island and I thought they worked really well in the surf side where you need to stop the fish quickly before they get into the corral barrier. Overall I am very pleased with both sizes.

Lance Nelson
Hard to beat an RX!!!

Buttery smooth drag, great aesthetics and quality manufacturing all in one single package. Love my RX reels!

Jeff Harmeyer
Rx reel

Great reel. Great drag system seems bullet proof, smooth as butter.