Winston Rod Features

At Winston, we refuse to compromise and have a true passion for doing things the right way. Since 1929, we have made not only the most innovative fly rods, but the most beautiful. Pick up a Winston, and you’ll be holding a rod with a flawless finish, precisely aligned guides, a perfectly formed grip, and a reel seat made from the finest components. Fish with one, and you’ll experience superior performance, as well as the remarkable feel that comes from a rod that’s lightweight, balanced and smooth. We know that anglers have many fly rods to choose from, but when the goal is to own the finest, there can only be one.



Winston Green Finish and Hand Inscription

We are proud that our rod finish is the finest in the industry. “Winston Green” stands for quality, beauty and impeccable performance. We use a proprietary and time-consuming multi-step hand-finishing process that requires multiple green and clear protective coats to get it just right. We perform our rod finishing in a secret room where no outsiders are allowed to ensure our formula remains unique to Winston. The resulting finish not only yields a spectacularly beautiful, cosmetic translucent green look, but also provides important impact protection to the Boron and carbon fiber materials in the rod. Once the rod is ready and has passed numerous quality inspections, every section of every Winston rod is then hand inscribed with rod series information, rod length and line weight and serial number. It is our way of signing a completed work of art, just before sending it to you.

Technical guides for each rod series

Our new Boron III X and Boron III Plus rods are designed with new ultra hard-coated Shooting Guides to minimize friction. These new guides are finished with the highest Rockwell hardness rating in the industry, and use weather and salt-resistant stainless steel wire with an environmentally conscious chrome finish. They have been shaped with a more open circular loop allowing fly lines of all types to pass with minimal contact and have a low profile which holds the line closer to the rod. The difference is incredible. It’s like these rods have been turbo-charged and the line wants to escape. This is why they are called “Shooting Guides.” The diameter or “thinness“ of these new guides is slightly smaller than conventional guides, for less actual and perceived weight. The result is an amazing balance with our rod designs, creating an unparalleled ability to generate incredible line speed with virtually no hindrance from the guides. This means less effort with each cast, allowing the angler to cast smoothly at any distance quickly, cleanly and effortlessly.

Winston Rod Features
Boron III Advantage

The Winston approach to reel seats is simple: no shortcuts. Our freshwater rods feature burled box elder spacers and expensive, beautifully machined and polished genuine German nickel silver fittings with an engraved Winston logo on the end cap. We designed these ourselves, and they are only available on Winston rods. For more extreme and saltwater rods, we use our hard anodized aluminum reel seats. Attractive and highly durable, they feature double lock rings for added reel security. Each is engraved with the company name in script.

Boron III Advantage