The Albie Approach

“A rocket strapped to a football,” is the best way I’ve head false albacore described. Sure, it sounds a bit exaggerated, but a false albacore’s ability to put on a speed show is unrivaled by many other comparable game fish. The explosive blitzes and readiness to eat flies, make false albacore a fly angler’s dream. When hooked, one should expect a very fast run that almost always peels dozens of yards into the backing. While “albies” will not showcase the same power as their larger tuna cousins, they’re still plenty of fun on a 9 or 10 weight. (more…)

Winston Announces an Additional Four new TROUTGAITERS™

TROUTSCHOOL TROUTGAITERS:(Available Backgrounds:Peach,Light Green,Light Blue, Pink) (Fish by James Prosek)

The Winston Rod Company, leading manufacturer of premium trout and saltwater fly rods, located in Twin Bridges, Montana, today announced an additional four new TROUTGAITER designs under it’s flyfishing accessories program, bringing the total to nine new TROUTGAITER designs under its new accessories program this summer.According to Winston Customer Service Representative, Sawyer Keener, “These four ‘trout school’ designs are the culmination of the summer’s new TROUTGAITER program.They feature a beautiful tight repeating pattern of James Prosek’s paintings of brown, cutthroat and golden trout against a variety of light backgrounds from paintings specifically commissioned for us by James over the past two decades. The patterns used were inspired by James’ current Art,Artifact, Artifice exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery ( in new Haven, CT. ”Winston now offers nine new TROUTGAITERS, six of which incorporate the artwork of James Prosek. As noted previously, Prosek donated the use of his artwork and, together with Winston and Bauer, we have donated to Trout Unlimited in Montana to support important local conservation initiatives.The new TROUTGAITERS are available for order now at Winston and Bauer dealers everywhere, and at and



The other New WINSTON TROUTGAITERS™available now are:

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Net

Golden Trout

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Net











The other New BAUER TROUTGAITERS™available now are:

Bauer Blue

Bauer Colorful Reels










To purchase any TROUTGAITER, contact your favorite Winston Dealer or Purchase directly from

TROUTGAITERSTM, are intended to be used primarily as neck gaiters. Like many neck gaiters, they are not intended to replace medical grade respirator masks, or other masks, to prevent the transmission of illnesses.

Jeff Currier’s Favorite “At Home” Rods

With all the travel I do there’s not as much time to fish at home here in Idaho like back in my trout bumming days.  It’s weird but it’s a truth to the way my life has become.  And although there are no complaints about getting to fish unique places for many cool fish species, I do miss fishing at home.  Therefore, when I am in Idaho, I make dang sure my most needed Winston’s are always loaded in the Explorer ready to go.


Winston Announces Next Additions to the New TROUTGAITER™ Collection

July 2020
Twin Bridges, MT

The Winston Rod Company, located at the convergence of the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Ruby and Jefferson Blue Ribbon Trout Rivers in Southwestern Montana, today announced an additional three new TROUTGAITERTM designs as part of it’s flyfishing accessories program. Bringing the total to five, these beautiful face and neck coverings provide stunning new styles and colors for your face mask/gaiter collection.