The Beginner’s Guide To Pre-Spawn Bassin’ – by Kyle Wilkinson, Winston Pro Staff

For most you that are reading this, I’d be willing to bet the closest fish swimming to where you’re currently sitting is not a trout. It’s also not a bonefish, tarpon, steelhead or striper. It’s a Largemouth Bass. And sure, I could also lump in Carp, Bluegill, and Catfish to this line up but today we’re going to focus on the fish you should be devoting more time to than you probably are.

Depending on what part of the country you’re in (sans the Northeast) the bitter grip of Winter is slowly becoming a thought of the past and Spring is beginning to take hold. The days are getting longer, and brisk mornings now regularly turn into pleasant afternoons. The arrival of Spring is surely meaning one other thing to countless anglers as well— fly rods that are just begging to be used.


A Trip Into the Wild

Asheville Fly Fishing Company’s film “A Trip into the Wild,” showcases Winston Pro Staffer, Galen Kipar and DUN Magazine’s own Jen Ripple as they lead an expedition through class III and IV whitewater in the French Broad River section 9, targeting aggressive smallmouth bass on top water flies.

To learn more about Asheville Fly Fishing Company’s multi-day, safari-style smallmouth bass trips, visit

Rods and Rigging – by Robert Younghanz, Winston Pro Staff

NEVER in my years as a guide, retail manager or instructor, have I ever heard anyone say that they love rigging rods.  Let’s face it, rigging and re-rigging rods, isn’t fun.  For me, the experience is so much better doing it “right” the first time. I put the most value in choosing the correct flies and rigging multiple rods that will correspond best with the day’s conditions, which allows me to do less rigging for myself or my clients, and much more fishing.  So, in a nutshell, I personally do everything I possibly can to avoid re-rigging on the water, even if I do find myself, fruitlessly trying to force 3x through the eye of a #26 midge larva pattern.


Winter Streamer Tactics – by Mike Stack, Winston Pro Staff

In a rut always fishing nymphs in the winter? Try leaving the bobbers home and dedicate your day to fishing streamers only. You may not catch the numbers you normally would, especially this time of year, but you may be surprised at the quality of the trout you’ll tie into and I’m guessing you’ll have more fun too! Here’s a how-to on catching more trout on streamers during the dead of winter.


Tom Morgan’s History at Winston

Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan 1941 – 2017.

It is with great sadness that we learned that our friend, Tom Morgan, former owner of the R.L. Winston Rod Company and one of the pioneers in graphite and bamboo fly rod design, died peacefully in Bozeman Montana on Monday June 12, 2017.

Tom was a great man, creative, generous, principled and passionate. In 1976, he moved Winston from San Francisco to Montana to be closer to great trout fishing. And even now, decades later, every fly rod we make continues to incorporate an element of Tom Morgan’s rod design philosophy that to be a great fly rod, it should be a joy to cast. But more than a talented angler and rod designer, Tom’s tremendous optimism, passion for life and resilience were inspiring. He was a role model, a generous and unfailingly supportive mentor, and a friend. We will miss him.

David Ondaatje
Owner and Chairman
R.L. Winston Rod Company